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College Library Enters Cyberspace, MBCET

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By Express News Service | Published: 08th July 2014.

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: An out-of-the-box thought brought the library of Mar Baselios College of Engineering break off from the habit of book stacked in shelves inside four walls and enter cyber space, opening a vast vista of knowledge and updates before the enthusiasts in engineering and technology through the portal https://mbcet.wordpress.com.

 It offers a long list of items ranging from engineering news, links, services, e-journals, e-books, software, applications, database, educational materials, resource guides, bibliographies and much more. This online repository in WordPress, according to its creators, receives at least 250 hits per day and there have been times, it got a daily visit nearing 1,000.

 “Google search, RSS feeds and similar tools are a major source for garnering information for the site from across the globe. We are keen on catching the latest buzz related to the topics covered in the website and it can be done by spending just 10 minutes a day,” explains librarian Binu K John who operates the webportal.

 To make things user-friendly, the site offers a search tool, so that through a keyword, any related material linked to that word can be accessed. Due credits and citation are given to the source from where materials are accessed. Keywords are set to get results from the first ten options in Google search too. To stay updated with the site, a user can follow it through e-mail.


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