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How Internet-of-things (IoT) is catching up among Bengaluru engineering students

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The Economic Times |  By ET Bureau | 7 Aug, 2015 |  J Vignesh |

BENGALURU: The IITs claim to be at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies.Not anymore. City’s top engineering colleges are notching up initiatives to come up with prototypes of devices as diverse as a smart cradle and a smart water-level monitoring project.  One such prominent area is IoT or the internet-of-things, where all devices, both smart and dumb, are getting connected to the inter net.Because it is so nascent, IoT opens up a plethora of opportunities to experiment for students and professionals alike. “IoT is talk of the town. Everything is now connected. Most projects are now in the IoT domain,” said Anirudh Agarwal, a fifth semester student of computer science, PESIT, who is working on a healthcare data mining application. A lot of activities such as seminars, ideathons, hackathons, internships and camps centred around IoT are happening in premier institutions like the Indian Institute of Science, RV College of Engineering, PES Institute of Technology, REVA University and BMS College of Engineering.
“Last summer, we conducted a sevenweek internship where students developed projects from concepts till prototypes,” said Dr A Srinivas, professor of electronic communication and dean of research, PESIT. Labs have also been set up to facilitate this growing demand. “We set up a centre of excellence in December called the Innovation Cluster Lab (ICL) in a joint collaboration with Altimetrik,” said Dr DN Sujatha, professor and head, department of computer applications at BMS College of Engineering. Altimetrik is a technologies services firm.  As a field of research, IoT has been around for some years but has become hugely popular in the last year and a half. “Students have taken IoT very seriously because it is the need of the times,” said SY Kulkarni, director, REVA University .

“Of late, multiple technologies have matured. There is cloud, advanced analytics, open source technology and lowcost sensors. Now, this is a point of confluence,” said Bharadwaj Amrutur, associate professor ECE department and assistant chairman of the Robert Bosch Centre for Cyber Physical Systems, Indian Institute of Science.  The infrastructure in colleges include embedded boards, sensors, high speed wi-fi, Bluetooth modules, cloud environment and the other hardware tools.  “We have designed facilities that can support our students from end-to-end, if our students want to become entrepreneurs. We want to design indigenous capabilities,” said BS Satyanarayana, principal, RV College of Engineering.- Courtesy


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