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Analytical abilities to be tested in Anna university examination

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The Times of India | |

COIMBATORE: In an attempt to improve the quality of engineering education, Anna University has decided to introduce a new section in the semester exam pattern from the academic year 2016-17. This new section is expected to test the analyzing capability of students, and their level of understanding of the subject.
The move comes after the university implemented the choice-based credit system for the 2015-16 batch. The same batch will be the first set of students to appear for the new semester examination pattern. “The new pattern will have a third section that will have a 15 mark question. This question will be a general question that will test the student’s understanding of the subject,” said an Anna University official involved in the decision.  The present examination pattern involves two sections ‘A’ and ‘B’. In section ‘A’, there are 10 two marks questions in which questions like definitions, reasoning, formulae are asked. “Sometimes there are small problems too. In section ‘B’, there are five 16 mark questions with internal choice. We will reduce the number of questions or the weightage of each question in this section, and introduce section ‘C’,” said the university official.

The section ‘C’ will have one 15 mark question. “The question will not focus on one specific unit or chapter. The idea is to test whether the student has listened to the lectures or not,” an official of the university examinations committee said.  Director of research, R M K Engineering College, Thiruvallur, K Manivannan said, “The university’s decision is timely, and this will have a direct impact on the placements and improve their performance in competitive postgraduate entrance exams like GATE, GRE, CAT etc.” As the question will cover the entire syllabus of the subject, it is essential that students pay attention during lectures, he added. Experts say that apart from students paying attention to lectures, it is equally important that teachers cover the entire syllabus so that students have the opportunity to do well in Section C. “A poor performance by the students in section ‘C’ will raise questions on the quality of lectures. But, before we introduce this new section, we would have to train teachers to modify their lectures so that students can improve their capacity to analyze,” said joint correspondent of Kumaraguru College of Technology, Shankar Vanavarayar.  Vanvarayar said that KCT had introduced this examination pattern in the previous academic year itself. “Almost 40% of the questions are analytical in every question paper. And, as we are an autonomous institution, we could bring this change in the examination pattern,” he said. “While the first semester exam showed poor results, we were determined to continue the pattern. And we have been able to boost the analytical capacity of our students, and have bettered their performance,” Vanvarayar said. – Courtesy


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