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Now, part-time professors on a par with full-timers across the Gujarat state

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Ahmedabad Mirror | Education |

In a move that has vindicated the stand of part-time professors across the state and brought them much relief, Justice J B Pardiwala of Gujarat High Court on Tuesday directed the government to ensure the salary of part-time professors are on a par with full-timers. Part-time professors had been demanding that either they be confirmed on their job or their salary be made equivalent to that of full-time professors. HC observed that part-time professors were as qualified as full-time professors and were also putting in equal efforts in teaching. Yet, they were receiving lesser salary. HC said that state government must accept the suggestions of University Grants Commission (UGC). The new directive is likely to benefit more than 350 part-time professors employed in different streams like art, science, commerce etc. since 1998. Part-time professors had demanded a salary hike in 2003, 2007, 2011 and 2015, but they had to finally approach the HC.

HC further said that paying less to these part time professors tantamount to a form of exploitation. There was wide gulf between the salaries of part- time and full-time professors, which was unacceptable. Part-timers across the state were fervently persistent in their demands. They felt they worked as hard as regular professors, if not more, but were not given adequate financial remuneration. They had sought to be either converted into fulltimers or at least be given salary on a par with regular employees. Part-time professors had filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) through their advocate Anand Yagnik in the HC. About the petition The principle issue in the writ petition was the resolution dated January 17, 2012 passed by the State of Gujarat, Department of Higher Education whereby the pay scales and fixed salary structure along with the allowances for the part-time college lecturers were revised and fixed. The part-time college teachers were dissatisfied with the said revision. – Courtesy


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