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The Indian Army Pits Itself Against Hot Start-Ups in Recruitment Spot

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AdAge India Bureau | Published on Oct 12, 2015|

The youth’s perception of the Indian Army has always been of a fighter, standing on the border with heavy machine guns and tanks, and the one who is always on standby to fight with enemies on the border. But the Indian Army is not the army of old days, and it has been modernist to a far extent. While valour, patriotism and protection remain the key areas of Armed Forces, it is for the first time, the Indian Army has differentiated itself from the hot shops start-ups like IT, Media, Financial Services that average youth is attracted to. The Indian Army has projected itself as a full-fledged working organization that offers jobs in different sectors and unlike any organization, it is India’s most exciting workplace with a multitude of services and resources.

To build excitement around the Indian Army, GREY group India conceptualized a series of television commercials, print ads and radio spots. Indian Army, known for the larger than life brand trusted by a billion people makes conversation with the audience after a gap of nearly six years. The aim of the campaign is to attract quality talents and to build careers with the Indian Army.  Nirvik Singh, Chairman and CEO, Asia Pacific, GREY group said, “GREY group India is privileged to work with the Indian Army and the DAVP to create the most unique campaign for recruitment of Officers in the Indian Army. The crux of the campaign is a shift from the often used tenor of valour and bravery to uncovering the truth of the Indian Army, which is one of India’s biggest organisation. This definition positions the Indian Army as a very competitive offering for Young Indians who often seek a career, in Media, Technology, Financial Services, Government Service and other such vocations. No other organization in India provides the canvas of engineering, technology, work-life balance, sustained care and the unique ability of serving the Nation.”

While careers like technology, media & entertainment have caught the fancy of youth, Indian Army missed the opportunity to re-invent its imagery with time. Therefore, the Indian Army which was once an ‘aspirational’ career option seems to have lost resonance with today’s youth. Vineet Singh, Vice President & Business Head, GREY group India, says, “We conducted an extensive consumer research talking to the college youth on one hand and the army officers on the other hand across the nation. We found that the current youth perception of Indian army is starkly different from what is actually experienced by the army officers. While the youth perceives Indian Army to be only driven by combat roles with the outdated technology, the reality is that army has over 20 diverse career discipline offering an all-round lifestyle and it’s constantly modernizing itself with the cutting edge technology. Thus the challenge was to showcase this relatively lesser known side of the army.”

Dheeraj Sinha, Chief Strategy Officer, GREY South East Asia explains the cultural insight, “Culturally whenever we say Indian Army, the first image that comes to our mind is Sunny Deol firing a Bazooka on Pakistan border. In eulogizing the physical valour and extraordinariness, the army imagery has pushed itself in one corner, at one end we don’t know enough about what it takes to be an army men and at another, it looks just too challenging. The current campaign projects Indian Army as the most exciting playground that today’s youth need for their talent.” Working on this campaign has been a life changing experience for the entire GREY team on the project; from shooting across more than 10 army cantonments and locations, temperatures varying from -20 degree to 50 degrees to meeting interacting with Army Officers across various Corps and regiments. The camaraderie, the efficiency, the discipline, the courage, the pro-activeness of the Indian Army has taught the GREY team things that no school or institute could. The 360- degree campaign consists of nine TV commercials, multiple print ads and radio spots While the ATL leg of the campaign will build an excitement around the brand Indian Army and the diverse career options offered by it, the digital leg will give a sneak peek into the true Army life the all-round life offered by it. – Courtesy     /  Grey Group India


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