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UGC recommends only 2 (two) years for clearing degree-level back papers

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Business Standard | Press Trust of India  |  New Delhi  October 16, 2015 |

Students pursuing degree-level courses are to be given only two additional years to clear their backlog and one more year under “exceptional” circumstances, new UGC guidelines have recommended. The guidelines, which have been communicated to all varsity vice-chancellors across the country, are aimed at bringing uniformity in the timespan within which a student is allowed to complete a degree programme.  That would mean that a student pursuing an undergraduate programme which normally runs for three, or four years (for technical courses), would be given two more years to clear his back papers. Likewise, students at the post-graduate level would be given as many years to clear their backlog, if any.  “In exceptional circumstances, a further extension of one more year may be granted. During this extended period, the student shall, however, be considered a private candidate and not be eligible for ranking,” the guidelines said.

UGC Chairman Ved Prakesh, however, said the guilines are recommendatory in nature and not binding on the institutions.  “Universities are best-placed to decide what durations are required for developing competence and the skill expected of a candidate,” he said.  “These guidelines are subject to rules and regulations of statutory bodies and universities governing grant of degrees,” a communication sent to the vice chancellors has underlined.  The guidelines were formulated after UGC constituted an expert committee to determine a uniform time period for completion of degree-level programmes following a Delhi High Court ruling.  Universities across the country have varying time periods for a student to complete a degree programme. – Courtesy

UGC Fixes 2-year Time Limit to clear Arrear Papers  :   The New Indian Express :  By S Mannar Mannan  |  17th October 2015 |

COIMBATORE: College or university students can no longer keep on writing arrear papers to complete their degrees. The University Grants Commission has now fixed a maximum of two extra years within which students have to complete all arrear papers and qualify for degrees.  The UGC’s new guideline on a uniform period within which a student may be allowed to qualify for a degree says, normally the student is expected to complete his programme within the minimum period as laid down under the relevant regulations of the university which should conform to the UGC regulation on the award of first and masters degrees. “A student who for whatever reason is not able to complete the programme within the normal period prescribed for the programme, may be allowed two years beyond the normal period to clear the backlog to be qualified for the degree. In exceptional circumstance a further extension of one more year may be granted.

“During the extended period the student shall be considered a private candidate and also not be eligible for ranking,” it added.  Welcoming the move, SP Thyagarajan, former vice-chancellor of the University of Madras said, “If a student takes a very long time, say 6-7 years, to complete the degree, the student will not get the knowledge and skill as on the date of completing the degree course. Following the introduction of Choice Based Credit System (CBCS), institutes need to update the curriculum every year.” Two years and an additional one year for exceptional circumstances is good, he opined. “Several PhD candidates prolong their research to 13-14 years. The stipulated period for a regular PhD is 3 years and part time PhD is 4 years and the maximum period to complete the research is fixed at 6 and 7 years. If the research is prolonged further the whole area of research will get outdated and may not add value to research output,” he added. – Courtesy

Published on 16/10/2015  :  UGC Letter reg.: Guidelines on Determination of a Uniform Span Period within which a student may be allowed to Qualify for a Degree

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