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3D Online Course on Engineering : LearnEngg.com

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The New Indian Express |  Express News Service |  26th October 2015 |

CHENNAI: For the first time in India, engineering education content is available in 3D on the internet. The web portal is aptly named LearnEngg.com. It delivers visual-based engineering content for the entire degree course. A total of 214 subjects across different branches of engineering are available now. Further, the product is customised for the syllabus of Anna University to offer direct benefit to the students. According to S Srikanth, MD, Infoplus Technologies, “LearnEngg.com will revolutionise engineering learning in classrooms as well as home. It is a pathbreaking initiative in delivering visual engineering content directly to the students.” The course level contents are named as 3DM Classroom because of its 3D visuals across the subject.

“The utilisation of this in teaching and self-learning would help build excellence in engineering educational system and generate industry-ready youth of higher order productivity” said R Siva, director of Infoplus. Infoplus 3DM Class Room is user-friendly and fully menu-driven for ease of handling by the users – faculty for teaching and students for self-learning. It is developed on a platform that adapts to various interactive multimedia formats like texts, audio, 3D / 2D demonstrations and block diagrams. Recap of previous lessons, objectives of the current topic, summary, MCQs and self-assessment tools are provided. Audio is provided in all the demonstrations, facilitating self-learning by students. It enables principles of engineering from daily life and industrial examples using 3D models. What is taught in the classroom is available for students to learn any where, any time. – Courtesy

Visual Based Knowledge System for Technical Education

LearnEngg.com delivers “Visual Based Knowledge System” (3DM ClassRoom) which addresses the Industry readiness of the students and their understanding of engineering concepts. 3DM enhances pass percentage and employability. Our technology enabled solution is the BEST at least-cost for capacity building of vital resources and to thin-down the RURAL-URBAN divide through bridging the gap between industry and Institute. 3DM ClassRoom specifically developed for graduate Engineering, Polytechnic, ITI and Skill development. The 3DM™ ClassRoom objective is to create conducive and effective learning / training environments and accentuate the visual expression and thinking of Students, by integrating three-dimensional visual thinking into existing critical thinking studies across disciplines at all levels – thro real-life applications and industry practices, virtually bringing into the classroom.

The customization will be done using our content and 2D/3D demonstrations available with us as “Large Engineering Content Data Base” developed in last 5 years by a team of more than 200 employees and over 75 Professors and Industry consultants. These developments being done from 2009 and achieved a creditable content quality. 3DM ClassRoom implementation in Technical Universities and Institutes to bring-in standardization of highorder in education by imbibing the knowledge and expertise of eminent professors and Industry experts. 3DM facilitates filling the gap between the growing demand for, and the scarce supply of, skilled personnel across sectors by featuring the latest ICT based technology into the curriculum of specific skill development. —-> http://learnengg.com/


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