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AICTE Plans Stringent Norms for Approval Process for 2016-17 academic year

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The New Indian Express | By S Mannar Mannan | 31st October 2015 |

COIMBATORE: The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) may come up with stringent norms for granting approval to technical education institutions in the country. The council is also likely to finalise an ‘Approval Process Handbook’ for the 2016-17 academic year, in the third week of November. According to sources in the AICTE, a key change being considered by the council is to make National Board of Accreditation (NBA) approval mandatory for institutions existing for more than eight years. Only last year the AICTE decided to allow increase in intake and additional course to those institutions having valid NBA accredited courses. “The council is also likely to have a re-look into its present system of granting approval based on information and documents submitted by the institutions by way of online applications. With a number of complaints against colleges not having adequate infrastructure and facility, the council could consider going for an onsite inspection before granting approval,” sources added. Apart from this, the apex body for technical education is also mulling to reduce or cancel the processing fee for closure of an existing institution. The AICTE has already announced its plan to reduce BE/BTech seats by 40 per cent to maintain the quality of technical education imparted. “Presently, if an institution wants to close down, a processing fee of ` 1.5 to 2 lakh has to be paid. Therefore, the AICTE is considering options like reducing or fully cancelling the processing fee to encourage institutions that failed to attract adequate students to close down,” sources added.

The AICTE recently conducted meetings of stakeholders in places like Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Delhi to finalise the Approval Process Handbook for 2016-17. When contacted, AICTE Chairman Anil D Sahasrabudhe said, “These are still in the discussion stage and nothing concrete has emerged. Moreover, changes need the approval of the council. We can discuss these only thereafter.” Those wanting to set up new technical education institutions in the country have to get prior approval from the AICTE, a government body for technical education in the country. In the case of existing institutions, they have to renew their approval every year. Apart from this, existing institutions have to get an approval from the council for starting new branches of study or increasing their intake. –  Courtesy


1 Comment

  1. Dr M KOTEESWARAN says:

    It appears that the AICTE has plans to reduce BE/BTech seats by 40 per cent to maintain the quality of technical education imparted. Reduction of supply may not be the correct approach to boost the quality, assumption being that it would promote competion. Even with the reduced availability, substandard children of rich and affordable parents will continue to get admission in institutions of their choice across the country.
    The 12th state board standards, examinations and evaluation procedures are highly politicised For example, the education minister in Tamilnadu announces every year that the pass percentage would be at least half a percent more than the previous year. It has become very difficult to fail in 12th in Tamilnadu with the pass percentage being 95-96+. May be in other states it is the same case.
    A few years back AICTE took a bold step to marginally increase the qualifying marks for admission to BE/BTech.only to be killed by the politicians before the ink would dry. So, if AICTE is really interested in improving the quality of technical education not withstanding the poor quality faculty and infrastructure facilities in majority of the private institutions selling the seats, it should stick to higher qualification for entry like at least 50% , 55% and 60% for SC, MBC and FC .
    Most important will be to make JEE (basic) compulsory for admission by merit across the country. Only these two measures will improve the quality as the dumb institutions will wither away and rightly so.
    Finally, AICTE must conduct a Professional Competency Test 4 times a year for BE/BTech graduates or make GATE compulsory before a graduate finds a permanent job. This will surely fix the institutions with or without inspections.
    AICTE should not reintroduce the most corruptpractice of inspection teams for approval/renewal. Instead, Inspections must be made of the 20 percentile institutions in each state and perhaps could nominate Mentors to the deserving 5%.

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