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KTU Kerala (APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University) issues guidelines for teacher appointment

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The Times of India |

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: In view of rising complaints against private engineering college teachers frequently moving from one institution to another, APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University has issued a set of guidelines to be followed by affiliated colleges in appointment of teachers on contract basis.  According to sources, the university was forced to issue the guidelines by invoking Section 8 (XX) of University Act 2015, as teaching staff switch colleges frequently mostly due to better salary offers.  Though the state government had endorsed AICTE approved scale of salary to assistant lecturers hired on contract basis, in many colleges lecturers are forced to work for even Rs 10,000. As per AICTE scale, minimum salary is Rs 20,000. According to the new guidelines, teachers shall give advance notice of 30 days before leaving the institution and relieving shall not ordinarily be during the semester, which would affect students. Faculty working in an institution shall not be allowed to join another institution without relieving order.

“Any faculty/ principal (head of the institute) violating these clauses shall not be allowed to work in any of the affiliated colleges of the university. The violation of these orders by managements will also be viewed seriously by the university,” the order issued on Wednesday said. Teaching staff should be qualified as per the qualifications prescribed by the AICTE and an undertaking should be obtained from candidates regarding the term of their appointment on an executable bond. Transfer of the faculty should take place only during the annual vacation period unless under special circumstances, the guidelines said. Kerala self-financing engineering college managements’ association president K Sasikumar said member colleges were directed to strictly follow the regulations for ensuring quality and continuity in academic activitie. Courtesy   /      Faculty & Principal-Terms & Conditions of Appointment –  Click here to see the Order


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