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Smart students take up onus to design for smart cities

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Taking a step ahead in their drive to conservation of energy, students of Vishwakarma Government Engineering College have taken up the onus of designing smart technology for the country’s Smart City Mission. As part of this threeyear- long initiative that was handed over to the institute by Gujarat Technological University, students will build real time, application based technology for environment, transportation and energy sectors. “The initiative will also provide a platform for students to experiment, invent and learn. These students are the future and if guided well in the formative years, they can be great inventors,” said Dr Rajul Gajjar, principal of the college, who added that the designs made by the students will be placed in Gujarat’s Smart Cities. Elaborating, Gajjar said, “Solar technology can be developed and used extensively for conservation of energy. It would be advisable for students to start working on related technology at college level itself.”

As part of the project, a team of students will be selected to create technologies which can be implemented in building a smart city. “Most of the equipment to be designed by the students will focus on saving energy and curtailing excessive use of energy consumption. For instance, developing a charging system that stops using energy as soon as a phone is charged or sensory based switches that will switch off as soon as a person leaves the room,” explained Gajjar.  While students of computer engineering, electronics and communication engineering are thrilled with this opportunity, implementing their syllabus practically is a matter of concern. Jeet Shah, a student of computer engineering said, “The University needs to update our syllabus, keeping in mind the technological innovations in the current world or working on projects like the inventions for the smart cities are going to be difficult. While I am happy we are getting this opportunity to experiment with our creativity and technical knowledge, it will not be an easy journey.” Agreeing with Jeet, third year computer engineering student Prem Patel, said, “Getting a chance to work on real time projects is a brilliant opportunity. I just hope we aren’t faced with real time challenges of implementing what we learn in classes in our projects.” . – Courtesy


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