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The Times Higher Education BRICS and Emerging Economies rankings:16 Indian institutes among top 200 universities, IISc at 16th position

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Economic Times | By Sreeradha D Basu, ET Bureau | 3 December, 2015 |

MUMBAI: Sixteen Indian places of learning are among the top 200 universities in The Times Higher Education BRICS and Emerging Economies rankings. The Indian Institute of Science broke into the top 20 for the first time and was listed at No. 16. Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay, entered the top 30, with the premier engineering school ranked at 29. Last year, IISc and IITBombay were at 25 and 37, respectively. Other Indian institutes that have gained ground in the rankings include IIT-Madras (to 36 from 44), IITDelhi (to 37 from 56) and IIT-Guwahati (to 83 from 98). Those that have declined include IIT-Kharagpur, IIT-Roorkee, IIT-Kanpur, Aligarh Muslim University and Panjab University. Jawaharlal Nehru University, which was at 71 last year, isn’t in the list this year. New entrants include Jadavpur University, Savitribhai Phule Pune University, University of Calcutta, University of Delhi, Amrita University and Andhra University. China dominates the overall rankings, including first and second place besides half the top 10. In the top 200, China has 39 universities.

The top five are Peking University (China), Tsinghua University (China), Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russia), University of Cape Town (South Africa) and National Taiwan University (Taiwan). Taiwan comes in at second position in the overall rankings with 24 universities in the top 200. India is the third best represented country. “India will have to work harder to compete with other developing nations, such as Russia, which have a higher proportion of institutions in the upper echelons of the table. India is the only BRICS nation without a university in the top 10,” said Phil Baty, editor, Times Higher Education World University Rankings. India spends less than 0.88% of its GDP on science research, compared with 2.76% in the US and 4.04% in South Korea, Baty said. “With the population of young people in the country continuing to expand, resulting in further pressure on resources, it is now more crucial than ever that India invests in research and strengthens its links with other nations,” he said.

ET View: Integrate Teaching & Research
These rankings offer hope for India which had earlier lagged behind even its peers in the emerging economies. For Indian universities to offer world-class education and research-based knowledge creation, there has to be sustained policy reform in the education sector. The quality of education must be raised across the board. This calls for not only stepping up investment, but also raising the efficacy of public spending. State universities need more financial support. Industry must chip in by giving grants and funding research. Attractive salaries for teachers and rewards for research faculty will draw talent. Teaching and research should be integrated.-  Courtesy

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