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Karnataka is top draw for foreign students : ASHE 2015

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The Times of India |

BENGALURU: Karnataka is the most popular destination for foreign students in the country. According to the Annual Status of Higher Education 2015 prepared by the Confederation of Indian Industry, India has 34,774 foreign students, with Karnataka (13,241) attracting the most number, followed by Tamil Nadu (4,401) and Maharashtra (3,888).  The CII prepared the report in partnership with Deloitte and with HRD ministry’s support. Some 45% of foreign students in the country are women.  Karnataka has a high concentration of 44 colleges per lakh population compared with the all-India average of 25 colleges per lakh population. In terms of average enrolment per college, Karnataka (436) is significantly lower than the all-India average of 715.  Karnataka with 25 also ranks first in number of public universities. It has 6.7% of all universities in the country and Karnataka ranks fourth among all states in India on the total number of universities with 45 universities, after Uttar Pradesh (59), Tamil Nadu (56), and Rajasthan (47). Karnataka has the highest number of agricultural universities (5), highest number of law universities (2) and highest number of medical universities (6).

The pupil-teacher ratio of colleges in Karnataka at 10.1 students per teachers is better than the all-India average of 14.9. The total number of teaching staff and non-teaching staff in all colleges in the state is estimated to be 1.39 lakhs and 98,000 respectively. However, given the large number of colleges in the state, the number of teachers per college is 43.3 and non-teaching staff per college is 30.7 is lower than the all-India level of 47.9 and 32.9.  Karnataka with 3205 colleges has a share of 9.02% of all colleges in India and ranks third on total number of colleges. The top three specializations are general (68%), nursing (7%), engineering and technology (6%). Of the total colleges in the state, 91% are affiliated to universities, and the remaining are constituent or university colleges. Karnataka’s colleges are dominated by private unaided colleges (66.1%), followed by 20.1% owned by government and 13.8% which are private aided.

Karnataka data

Universities — Number

State public university — 25 : Private deemed university — 11 : Government deemed university — 4  :  State private university– 2
Central university — 1  :  Institution of national importance — 1  :  State Open University — 1  :  Karnataka has 3,205 colleges

Student enrolment

Total number – 18.6 lakhs   :   Undergraduate – 72.3%    :    Postgraduate – 13.4%   :   Diploma – 12.9%   :  Others – 1.3%

Education and growth

With a rapidly flourishing workforce and the inevitable need for global acceptance, the internationalisation of higher education has become critical to India’s human resource growth. Foreign investment will play an instrumental role in strengthening India’s higher education sector, both in terms of quality and access. –  Rohin Kapoor | director, Deloitte India

Enrolment in higher education

With regard to enrolment for higher education, Uttar Pradesh with 8.8% stands first, followed by Tamil Nadu (8.4%), Rajashtan (7%), Karnataka (6.7%) and Maharashtra (6.7%). Uttar Pradesh ranks the highest with 59 universities that’s 8.8% of all universities in the country and it also has the highest number of general universities (36).  In terms of colleges and colleges per lakh population, Uttar Pradesh tops in the list with 5048 colleges and 14.2% of all colleges in India. This state has 21 colleges per lakh population as compared to the all-India average of 25 colleges per lakh population and in terms of average enrolment per college, UP (1119) is significantly higher than all India average of 715. The total enrolment of students in colleges in UP is 56.5 lakh.  The pupil-teacher ratio in UP at 25.4 students per teacher is higher than the all-India average of 14.9. The total number of teaching staff and non-teaching staff in colleges in UP is estimated to be 2.22 lakhs and 1.39 lakhs respectively.
National statistics
Gross enrolment ratio: 21.5
There are 667 universities and 35,525 colleges in the country.
Enrolment at undergraduate level
Arts / humanities / social -sciences/ accounts – 41%.   :   Engineering and technology – 17%.   :   Commerce – 14%    :
Science – 13 %   :   Education – 3%   :   IT and computers science – 3%   :   Medical science – 3%   :   Law – 1%   :  Agriculture – 1%    :   Others – 2%
Enrolment at PG level
Management – 18%   :   Social science – 17%   :   Science – 13%   :   IT and computer – 10%   :   Commerce – 8%  :
Engineering and technology – 6%   :    Foreign languages – 5%  :  Education – 4%    :    Others – 19%  –    Courtesy


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