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Pallavi Tiwari : 3 patents for cancer, brain tumor research and still counting

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The Times of India |

BHOPAL: Pallavi Tiwari, a researcher from Bhopal, wanted to help cancer patients ever since she read about the dreaded disease. Pallavi’s courage and research work over last nine years saw helped her get three patents at 31 years of age. In the US for last nine years, she is doing research on cancer and brain tumors. She reached Bhopal on Thursday to meet her parents. Talking to TOI, she spoke at length about research work. Currently, working as assistant professor at Center for Computational Imaging and Personalized Diagnostics at Case Western Reserve University, Ohio, US, Pallavi is currently leading a team of clinical and scientific researchers on evaluating effects of radiotherapy and laser interstitial thermal therapy on brain tumour patients via multi-parametric MRI.  She did graduation in biomedical engineering from SGSITS, Indore. Her talent could be gauged from the fact that she switched to biomedical engineering when she was on top of her basketball and tennis career. Former number 2 tennis player of MP and national basketball player, Pallavi took to biomedical engineering to serve the society after reading a lot on cancer.  “I always wanted to help people afflicted with cancer. Owing to this reason, I switched to biomedical engineering and went to the US immediately after completing graduation to pursue research,” she said. She was hardly 22 when she began research on cancer. Pallavi’s work paid dividends after four years when she got first patent in her name.

Her first patent was on computer-assisted diagnosis of prostate cancer using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). “It is an automated system that uses computer algorithms to identify prostate cancer using MRI scans,” she said. She won dozens of international awards for her research work.  Within a year, she got her second patent. “Second patent was related to the first one and identifies grade of prostate cancer using a computer algorithm that uses MRI scans,” she said. This year, she got third patent, which is on an algorithm that identifies ‘difficult-to-identify’ tumors (such as tumor recurrence) from conditions that are benign, but look very similar to tumor, making it a very challenging problem. Pallavi’s father Suresh Tiwari is a former director, department of public relations. “I am proud of my daughter for excellent work in the field of cancer. She is helping the society in a better way,” Tiwari said. Pallavi’s mother Swati Tiwari is a litterateur.  PhD in biomedical engineering from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Pallavi has not stopped. She said, “It is just the beginning. I want to continue research to help people fight against such diseases.” – Courtesy     /     Click here to Read More —-> Pallavi Tiwari

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