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Soon, a biofuel based on coconut oil for your car

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The Times of India |

KOCHI: As the world continues to debate climate change and curb on emissions, this engineering college has developed a coconut oil-based biofuel that that promises to be more eco-friendly by reducing emmision of carbon and sulphur. SCMS College of Engineering and Technology here has even successfully tested the biofuel. “We have been working on developing the biofuel for the last two years in our bid to ensure a zero carbon society. After two years of successfully testing it on diesel engine, we have now applied for patent,” said Mohan Kumar, associate professor at the college’s mechanical engineering department. They have applied for patent in India and US. Serious deterioration of air quality in the national capital territory of Delhi had recently led the National Green Tribunal to ban registration of new diesel vehicles in the region till January 6. The Delhi government has also decided to allow plying of vehicles with odd and even registration numbers on alternate days from January 1, in its bid to bring down pollution.

Kumar said the new biofuel was successfully tested on Tata Motor Ace magic, a four- wheeler public transport vehicle, for two years without hassles. “We developed this biofuel as part of the college’s initiative of ‘Zero carbon, zero poverty’ that aims at developing biofuels as an alternative to carbon-based fuels. To use the biofuel, automobile makers needn’t modify their diesel engine but they only need to remove the residual diesel from the fuel tank. The sulphur and carbon content of the biofuel is very low when compared to fossil fuels,” said Kumar. The makers claimed the biofuel provided increased mileage and was fuel efficient. “Using the biofuel, the auto gave a mileage of 22km/litre, which is 30% higher than what was promised by the company,” he added.- Courtesy


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