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Kerala Higher Education Department announces Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP)

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News.Web India | Thiruvananthapuram | Monday, December 21 2015 |

The Kerala Higher Education Department and the Wadhwani Foundation announced a strategic partnership aiming to improve employability of students through vocational and other educational training programmes by supporting Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP) and Community Colleges in the State. Wadhwani Foundation will support the Skill Development initiative of the Department of Higher Education including the ASAP initiative which is working towards connecting learning and livelihoods in a model that addresses critical issues affecting the quality of life and future of students in both Schools and Higher Education, an official press release said today. Key areas of this collaboration include successful introduction and integration of skills into higher education for the students enrolled in Community Colleges and ASAP program, assist and advise on curriculum development and assessment guidelines as per National Occupational Standards created by SSCs or local industry and to ensure alignment of the Curriculum as per the Qualification Pack (QP) of the specified Job Role, develop strategies for scaling and sustaining the new courses and build capacity, support in developing

Community Skills Park the unique PPP model Skill Development Center and provide more than 1000 hours of online and e-learning modules developed by Skills Development Network [SDN] of the Wadhwani Foundation. It is estimated that India will have 25% of the worlds total workforce by about 2025. However, in order to harness the full demographic dividend, India needs an education system which is of high quality, affordable, flexible and relevant to both the individuals and society as a whole. The community colleges aim to mainstream skills into higher education by providing 6 -24 months duration programs, thereby enhancing vertical mobility for students graduating from class XII and aspiring to pursue a degree program SDN helped in drafting a community college scheme with MHRD/UGC and hosted a committee of state education ministers to U.S Community Colleges. This led to a MHRD funded pilot of 200 Community Colleges in 2012-13. UGC has also funded 267 Community Colleges and 127 Colleges for B.Voc. SDN is currently supporting 20 community colleges across Bihar, Himachal Pradesh and Jharkhand. Wadhwani Foundation aims to accelerate Indias economy through five high-impact initiatives, one of which is developing a skilled workforce to meet the demands of economic growth via education. The objective of the Skills Development Network (SDN) is to help overcome skills deficit of Indias mid-level, white-collared, knowledge workers by promoting industry-driven short-cycle education. The Kerala government on its own initiative has embarked upon an ambitious project named State Skill Development Project to equip its young population with skills in cutting edge sectors in order to effectively alleviate the unemployment problem in the state.  The project combines both preventive (Additional Skill Acquisition Programme – ASAP) and curative approaches (Additional Skill Enhancement Programme). On the preventive side, the General and Higher Education Departments together are implementing the Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP) to amplify working hands in different sectors of the economy, by providing additional skill sets to students along with their regular courses. – Courtesy    /     ASAP, Additional Skill Acquisition Programme is a joint initiative of General Education Department and Higher Education Department, Government Of Kerala – Click here to visit —> http://asapkerala.gov.in/


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