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Engineering student Manav Akela’s mobile-based android application, ‘IRegister’ makes marking attendance easier

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The Times of India | TNN | December 31, 2015 |

LUCKNOW: He was often marked absent despite having signed the sheet, a thin lined-piece of paper used for recording students’ attendance in college. Tired of getting the error rectified, 19-year-old computer science engineering student Manav Akela developed a mobile-based Android application, ‘IRegister’ that would help teachers record students’ attendance without mistakes and in a much simpler way using their smart phones.  “The attendance sheet is circulated and every student, one by one, is asked to write his/her name on it,” said Manav who spent almost three hours every day for three months in developing this app. “Sometimes, while circulating it, the paper tears off, or sometimes the teacher misplaces the paper. The app will prevent all such problems and errors,” he added. Based on the concept of paperless operation, the app will free teachers of the burden of entering data and heavy calculations which take hours. “The app will not only save time but also paper,” said Manav, who lives beyond Rajajipuram and cycles 30 kilometres everyday to and from his engineering college.

 One can download the app from Google Play Store or register with iregister.tk to begin. Once the app is downloaded, users will have to get a code by clicking the ‘Get Code’. This will take the user to the ‘Iregister’ website from where the code is generated. On entering the code, users will be shown five different rooms. In these rooms, a user can assign five different classes like CSE for computer science engineering, or ME for mechanical engineering. A user can navigate to the attendance sheet after assigning a class for each room.  Suppose a user has assigned room 1 as CSE class, he will be able to access seven features of the app. Here, he can mark a student present or absent. The app also allows exporting data saved on the app to the Excel sheet. The user can also make modifications like change student details as and when required. The most interesting feature is of sending a SMS to the parent in case a student is absent for three consecutive days. “Teachers can track attendance record of students in several classes,” he said.  The app, said Manav, is also beneficial for home-makers who take the pain of jotting down attendance details of milkman and newspaper vendor on the calendar. It can also be used to record attendance of convicts in jails. –  Courtesy   /   Click here to download the app        /     Tutorial Video

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