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IMPRINT India call For Submission of Preliminary Proposals

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IMPacting Research INnovation and Technology (IMPRINT – INDIA), a flagship national initiative of the MHRD, launched by the President, Prime Minister and Human Resource Minister on November 5, 2014 at the Durbar Hall, Rashtrapati Bhavan is aimed at addressing and providing solutions to the most relevant engineering challenges faced by the nation by translating knowledge into viable technology (products or processes) in selected technology domains to enable, empower and embolden the nation for inclusive growth and self-reliance. Government has already announced financial support to the tune of Rs 1000 crore in the initial phase of IMPRINT. Success of imprint crucially depends on realization of viable technological solutions in collaboration with various ministries, agencies and industries. Since IMPRINT is a national programme, initially steered by the IITs and IISc, it is highly desirable that the entire engineering fraternity of the nation including IITs, NITs, national academies, governmental ministries and departments, research organizations, strategic sectors, policy agencies and industry ultimately should join hands and own the collective responsibility.

Preliminary proposals can be submitted latest by Feb 20, 2016 ; For queries please write to imprint@iitk.ac.in

The Domains and Coordinating Institutes for IMPRINT

  1. Health care: IIT Kharagpur
  2. Information and Communication Technology: IIT Kharagpur
  3. Energy: IIT Bombay
  4. Sustainable Habitat: IIT Roorkee
  5. Nano-technology Hardware: IIT Bombay
  6. Water Resources and River systems: IIT Kanpur
  7. Advanced Materials: IIT Kanpur
  8. Manufacturing: IIT Madras
  9. Security and Defence: IIT Madras and IIT Delhi
  10. Environmental Science and Climate Change: IISc, Bangalore

National Coordinator: IIT Kanpur

Scope and Mandate

  • IMPRINT aims to promote and support translation of innovative ideas and knowledge in engineering derived from fundamental or applied research into pilot scale operation, field deployment or viable technology development (product or process) within a definite time frame
  • The main goal is translation of research into technology (product/process) but not to carry out open ended fundamental research
  • Investigations must lead to innovation or new product/process ready for demonstration or pilot scale deployment (not only publication/patent)
  • Relevant themes under each of the ten Technology Domains of IMPRINT are listed in the Appendix, which may be expanded in future

Project Team and Partners

  • Preliminary project proposals are solicited from Indian citizens engaged in research and technology development in academic institutions, research organizations, government agencies, industry or any other competent group, in individual capacity or group, in any of the TEN technology domains and themes identified under IMPRINT, latest by Feb 20, 2016. Proposal must be submitted through a Principal Investigator who would be from one of the Centrally Funded Technological Institutions (CFTIs). The detailed guideline about the scope/mandate, eligibility criteria, submission format/mechanism, screening and review process, funding quantum and principle, and all other related matters are available in this website.
  • Proposals are desired to target end-to-end complete technological solutions and hence are expected to be multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional and multi-partner with clearly identified and complementary role of each member
  • In case of multi-institutional team, clear definition of scope, role and responsibility of each group with a specific task and leader should be spelt out
  • Partnership with industry, R&D organizations (private/public), government agencies/departments, entrepreneurs and stakeholders are strongly encouraged

Format for Preliminary Proposals

Guideline for submitting preliminary project proposals for screening

  • Title of the proposal (< 25 words)
  • Domain and theme(s) (menu driven)
  • Abstract (< 100 words)
  • Resume (in a given format) of the team members (PI + Co-PIs should not be more than 10)
  • Aim and objective (< 50 words)
  • Motivation and genesis (< 150 words)
  • Current status and open questions (< 200 words)
  • Plan of work including proposed methodology (< 500 words)
  • Justification and novelty – ‘what is new’ (< 50 words)
  • Milestones and time frame (< 100 words)
  • Benchmark and specifications of the product (< 100 words)
  • Deliverables and beneficiary industry/sector (< 50 words)
  • Industry, Institution or Agency partners (< 50 words)
  • Tentative budget with year and item wise breakup (< 100 words)
  • Attachment (figures/diagrams/charts) (maximum five files with combined size < 2 MB)

 Read More… http://www.imprint-india.org/contribute/call-for-submission-of-project-proposal-for-funding

http://www.imprint-india.org/       /       Click here to submit Preliminary Proposal Online


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