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Indian Engineering Olympiad (IEO) will be conducted on 21st February 2016

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India Education Diary |  February 08, 2016 |

New Delhi: Indian Engineering Olympiad (IEO) is a first of its kind exam in India offering a real test of engineering aptitude for the engineering students in their respective fields on a national platform. Over 1,50,000 registered students, including several thousands from IITs, NITs and other premier institutes across the country, will be competing to test their skills against each other. IEO (2015-16) will be conducted on 21st February 2016 (Sunday) at more than 100 centers spread across 80 cities in the country. IEO is a 90 minutes exam that will test students in the second, third & final year of engineering on aptitude and technical knowledge in their respective streams. TOP 3 rankers from each stream will be rewarded with medals, financial scholarships and excellence certificates. TOP 100 rankers in each stream will get financial scholarships and merit certificates and all students who qualify in the exam will get a participation certificate. There are also awards for the colleges for best overall performance and best performance in each stream.

More importantly, Indian Engineering Olympiad will be sponsoring the complete post graduation tuition fees of all the Toppers of the 7 streams Senior Category (4th year students). Companies have approached IEO and expressed interest in offering internship positions for the second & third year students based on their performance in the exam. The sponsors of the exam – Gateforum, LogIQuest, Testfunda.com and Yukti – are offering educational scholarships for the qualifying participants. –  Courtesy       /     Click Here to Read More…Indian Engineering Olympiad: IEO

Phone: 08885062016  email: info@engineeringolympiad.in


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