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MHRD committee wants IITs, NITs,IISERs, IIITs, IISc, Central Universities etc to facilitate study in Sanskrit literature

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ENA | Education News Agency |  17 February 2016 |

New Delhi, Feb 17 (ENA):  The committee constituted by the Ministry of Human Resource Development to suggest a long term vision and road map for the development of Sanskrit for the next 10 years has come out with a report which includes several recommendations for higher education. “A Sanskrit cell may be created in all the IITs, NITs, IISERs, IIITs, IISc, Central Universities and AICTE approved technical colleges in order to facilitate study of science and technology in Sanskrit literature and inter disciplinary study of various modern subjects and its corresponding subjects in Sanskrit literature,” the 32 page report stated with regard to higher education. Further, “Atharavaveda, Vaisheshika Darshana etc are, it is acknowledged, the treasure house of scientific concepts which are hitherto studied from Science point of view.  There are hundreds of works like Siddhanta Shiromani, Vriksha Ayurveda, Upavana Vinoda, Maamatam etc to name a few, which are of great relevance in the context of research and innovation,” it added.

The proposed cell should also offer various types of Sanskrit Courses for the students in the campus for credits. In addition, the report has recommended that a project may be taken up for students of IITs, NIITs, IISERs, IIITs, IISc and ACITE approved technical colleges who would opt for internship in Sanskrit Institution under the guidance of Sanskrit Professors during the course of their study through which they would also get credits. “If financial support is provided to such students their talent could be utilized in unravelling the scientific knowledge hidden in Sanskrit literature through small but focused projects with Sanskrit scholars in Sanskrit institutions,” it said. Among other suggestions, the committee also recommends that UGC may take a policy decision at national level and write to all universities that ‘Sanskrit through Sanskrit’ may be implemented in a phased manner starting from 2016-17 with the target to achieve the objective in 5 or 8 years period.

Further, it said that every university can conduct a two week workshop to all its Sanskrit faculty members to develop a bridge course for students, and for discussing appropriate teaching methods; and for enhancing their own communicative skills in Sanskrit.  The terms of reference of the committee were: to assess and review the present schemes for the development of Sanskrit and Veda Vidya; to study and suggest ways and means to bring qualitative change in Sanskrit Education both in School Education and Higher Education; to suggest vision and an action plan for the development of Sanskrit in next ten years; to suggest measures to integrate Sanskrit studies with other disciplines like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Medical Science and Law etc; to suggest ways and means to use new methods of imparting Sanskrit Education with the help of modern tools and technologies.- Courtesy       /        Click Here to download the report from MHRD : VISION And ROAD MAP For the Development of Sanskrit – Ten year perspective Plan


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