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This 19-year-old boy (Aadarsh Mishra) to earn Royal Astronomical Society fellowship (FRAS)

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The Times of India | TNN | March 3, 2016 |

Lucknow: This 19-year-old has to his credit 23 research papers published in international journals. St Francis’ College, Lucknow alumnus Aadarsh Mishra holds the distinction of being one of the youngest Indians to be elected Fellow of Royal Astronomical Society in London. Working as research and development engineer at Cardiff University, Aadarsh achieved the feat after he made a national record last year as ‘undergraduate with the most reseach papers published’, in the India Book of Records. Cardiff School of Engineering had shared a Facebook post to highlight Aadarsh’s achievements. The post reads: ‘Cardiff School of Engineering is delighted to hear that our third-year (year in industry) mechanical engineering student Aadarsh Mishra has this week been elected Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society (FRAS). At 19, he is one of the youngest fellows in the society’s 196-year history, and also youngest Indian ever to become a fellow.’

A mechanical engineer from Manipal University, Karnataka, Aadarsh’s interest is in ‘material sciences’ which finds application in thermal, nuclear and biomedical fields. While in second year of his engineering, he started a research in ‘condensed matter physics’ and did significant work on ‘thin films of tin sulphide for use in solar cell devices’, the topic on which he later got a paper published.  His passion and work in condensed matter physics got him enrolled in a summer research programme at the coveted Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore. At IISc, his work dealt with titanium alloys which find significant application in the aerospace sector.  While at Cardiff University, Aadarsh published a book titled ‘Introduction to Wear’ which deals with wearing of materials. ‘Wear’ is one topic in tribology which is enjoying much attention of researchers and scientists , but has very few books focussing on it.   Besides, Aadarsh was also selected for a research project fellowship at the prestigious University of Oxford. Here, along with two doctoral scientists, he worked in the field of thermo-electricity. “I am working on a project which deals with eliminating surgical smoke during operations in an efficient and cost-effective way; and probably a patent will be filed on the same very soon,” said Aadarsh, adding that surgical smoke hinders the visibility during operation and it is hard for surgeons to operate during the same. Styled as ‘Fellows’, members of Royal Astronomical Society-FRAS-are elected after the age of 18. The society acts as professional body for astronomers and geophysicists in the UK and fellows may apply for the Science Council’s Chartered Scientist status through the society. –  Courtesy


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