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Nagpur-based portal helping students find scholarships : scholfin.com

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The Times of India | Abhishek Choudhari | March  9, 2016 |

Nagpur: Considering the spiralling costs of education it is no wonder that more and more students are trying to scour the Internet for scholarships. In the unfathomable digital depths of the world wide web, searching for scholarships that suit an individual’s need is not easy. A city-based startup, headed by final year electrical engineering students of VNIT, is looking to change all that. Shubham Agrawal, Jenil Savla and Shashank Singh have launched ScholFin (www.scholfin.com) an updated database of more than 4,000 scholarships worth over Rs 9,000 crore. Co-founder Jenil Savla said, “Currently we have 10,656 users, which is growing steadily, from various locations such as Pune, Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kolkatta and Nagpur. Our website, with around 55,000 page views, is India’s first Scholarship Search Engine (www.ScholFin.com) to help students find scholarships where they are eligible.” Their venture has already won recognition, something they feel is recognition of their hard work. Savla said, “We secured first position in startup weekend powered by Google for Entrepreneurs. We also got the title of “The Next Big 100 Company” by prestigious HAY Group. We got selected as top 25 innovative startups by IIT Delhi and also first runners up in Asia at TiE International Startup Competition.”

The venture started after they themselves faced a harrowing time finding a scholarship. Savla said, “When we were in first year, Shubham had a difficult time paying the fee. As a friend, even I started helping him to find available scholarships online. Searching for scholarships is one of the most tedious and boring things a student can ever do on the Internet. Finally, after two months of constant search, he got a scholarship and this was the “idea” moment for him. Shubham thought of building a scholarship search engine that would help students find scholarships where they are eligible and that’s how our venture was born.” They claim that there are over 3,00,000 educational organizations and bodies in India offering scholarships to students but they don’ have any online presence and even students are not aware about it. ScholFin is unique because it puts the scholarship provider in the driver’s seat, rather just be a passive participant in the entire process. “We have built a scholarship management portal for every provider which shall ease them through the process of application handling and management. Features of this portal include admin dashboard, framing and editing of scholarship, customizable email services with instant notifications, analytical data like number of impressions, clicks, leads and conversion rate. There are also tools for tracking of scholarship applicants and winners, added advantages like scholarship report generation, student database etc,” said Savla.


No. of different scholarships on ScholFin | 4,000+

Total worth of scholarships | Rs 9,458 crore

No. of students who can avail these | 10 crore

No of portal users | 10,656

No. of page views | 55,000

User locations | Nagpur, Pune, Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata

Scholarship providers onboard

1. J N TATA Endowment Fund

2. VNIT Alumni Association Scholarship

3. Indian Engineering Olympiad Scholarship

4. GATEFORUM Nagpur Scholarship –  Courtesy        /     Do Visit http://www.scholfin.com/


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