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AICTE to take lawyers on board

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The Asian Age | | Age Correspondent | Mumbai |

The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has roped in advocates for the approval process for new and existing institutions. According to officials, the move is aimed at ensuring that the institutions do not resort to any shortcuts as the approval process is online and institutions may submit false or exaggerated details. Accordingto an official from AICTE, ever since the online submission of details for approval was started two years ago, AICTE had received numerous complaints of institutions not sharing accurate details or providing misleading information, as it was not being physically verified. “Complaints ranged from multiple institutions operating from the same premises while each institution has to have an independent structure. Apart from this, classrooms and laboratory details as well as faculty details were being manipulated, based on which the institutions were getting annual approval. Hence, it was decided to not only rope in academic experts but also have advocates on board to initiate penal action against institutions that provide false information,” said the official.

Towards this end, AICTE has issued a public advertisement inviting experts and the legal fraternity to join them so that the online approval process can be strengthened. Institutions coming under the purview of AICTE have to take annual approval for continuation, courses as well as in-take capacity. Based on the information provided through the online submission process, AICTE gives its consent for continuation or permission to increase the in-take or offer newer courses. “AICTE has laid down norms from academic to infrastructure compliances that institutions have to adhere to, failing which their approval is cancelled. While older institutions tend to comply on all parameters, it is the newer ones that try to go around the norms. To curb such practices and send out a strong message AICTE will not tolerate such misdemeanors, experts and advocates will be taken on board,” said the official, adding that AICTE would be including the new persons in the academic monitoring committee too from the next academic year. –  Courtesy


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