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Engineering students make new scooty for women with ‘panic button’

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The Times of India | Nazar Abbas | TNN | April 11, 2016 |

Moradabad: Engineering students at a local college here have built a hi-tech scooty for women. Equipped with GPRS and a panic button which, when pressed, alerts the nearest police station, the vehicle runs on petrol and electricity. The brainchild of engineering students at Moradabad Institute of Technology, the hybrid two-wheeler has, among several innovative features, a switch which, when activated, immediately sends a distress signal to the relatives of the owner as well as the nearest police station. Its creators said this would be immensely beneficial for women drivers.  “The vehicle will also give reminders to the owner about documents necessary while riding it. With this, a driver will be aware why police challan two-wheeler riders for incomplete documents,” said final year electrical engineering student and team member Gargi Sharma.

The vehicle will, beside carrying all these documents, also have information about the next scheduled servicing date and the cost and other details of the previous round of servicing. “The scooty is also programmed to give the rider fuel saving tips. There are also options for changing light settings according to the time of the day,” said electrical engineering student Aditya Saxena.  Riders will also be able to display their names on the vehicle prominently. Developed over 12 months of work by the team, it will cost Rs 20,000 when it finally hits the market. “In spite of all our efforts, the project is still only at an initial stage. There are many other innovations and ideas we have in mind, but shortage of resources and money prevents us from implementing them,” said Bhupendra Kumar, another team member. “The institute will soon invite investors to bankroll our product, so that citizens will benefit from our students’ ideas,” said R B Saxena, director of the college, talking to TOI. –  Courtesy


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