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Mechanical engineer (Nilesh Sarode) uses Maruti 800 parts to build sexy motorcycle

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The Hans India | THE HANS INDIA |   April 18, 2016 |

A Maruti Suzuki 800 lying idle in the backyard has been transformed into a brand new 8 foot long motorcycle.It is the ingenuity of 25-year-old Mechanical Engineer, Nilesh Sarode from Pune, who recreated an 8 foot long motorcycle out of parts from his sister’s old Maruti Suzuki 800. The car was unused, and lying in the backyard. The family did not want to part with the old car due to sentimental reasons. Nilesh not only managed to keep the 800 in the family, but also converted it into something really unique.  Nilesh quit his job and decided to create a new motorcycle from scratch using the engine of Maruti 800. The engine of the car is fitted onto the chassis. Another interesting mod is that the rear tyre is taken out of a BMW car, which was procured from a scrapyard. What is even more surprising is that the entire project cost him around INR 2 lakh.  baljeet Singh Kochhar, a 40 year old avid biker and restorer of old motorcycles was called upon to test out Sarode’s new bike. The bike appealed to Kochchar’s keen eye and while others have tried to create such a modification, no one has succeeded in fitting a motorcycle with the gearbox from a Maruti 800. Kochchar also noted how Sarode had efficiently succeeded to adapt dynamics of gear system to adhere to design of the motorcycle which was a daunting task.

Ideally suited for short trips around the city, the Nilesh’s bobber like motorcycle offers an average fuel efficiency of 35 kmpl. The 8 foot long bike is easy for Sarode to manage considering he is 6 ft tall however Kochchar being slightly shorter had difficulty in managing the bike in heavy traffic. Other flaws noted by Kochchar included a not so smooth setting of chassis while shifting of gears also proved to be difficult resulting in jerks. Despite these drawbacks Kochchar was impressed with the end result and the fact that Sarode managed to achieve all this out of virtual scrap will staying well within the budget. Despite the fact that Sarode had no knowledge of automotive engineering, he has successfully built a road-worthy motorcycle. He now plans to offer his expertise to the biking community and has set up a custom shop called Sarode Motors.  This article has first appeared in Rushlane.  com  –  Courtesy


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