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PES University students design imaging nanosatellite- named PISAT, to be launched by ISRO

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SirG.com | April 19th, 2016 Rizwi Hossain | Science & Tech |

About 250 students of the prestigious PES University, Bengaluru have crafted a nanosatellite which might be launched into space soon by state-owned ISRO – Indian Space Research Organization. The institute, located on Mysuru Road, have long since been noted as one of the best universities in India for engineering and science courses. The imaging satellite is capable of taking high-definition images of the earth from space, particularly India. It is being reported that top officials of ISRO have been impressed by the time and energy the PES University students invested in the nanosatellite, which may be piggybacked into space on one of its space programmes soon.  The satellite – named PISAT – can be controlled from the university campus itself by the students and their professors. ISRO’s PSLV, which is capable of carrying several payloads in one go, will also take the PISAT beyond the earth’s atmosphere where it will be parked in a geostationary orbit and take images of earth. Professor V Sambasivarao, the former deputy director of ISRO and a faculty of the PES University was the first to initiate the project, way back in 2011. He involved his previous employer in every aspect of the imaging nanosatellite, roping in enthusiastic students along the way. Professor Sambasivarao also made students understand that ‘space isn’t something beyond their imagination and building a rocket isn’t rocket science’.

“Recently, Isro scientists came to college, reviewed the satellite design and tested its working before giving us a flight-model-for-launch clearance. Education minister TB Jayachandra will unveil the satellite on Wednesday and we’ll hand it over to the space research organization by May-end.”  – Professor V Sambasivarao, faculty at the PES University  (Source: Times of India)

The entire nanosatellite project has been funded by the management. ISRO has created a command-and-control station inside the institute premises so that the control of the payload remains with the original designers. The satellite will be handed over to the ISRO by June 10, and the officials of the state-run space research agency have already decided on the space vehicle – PSLV – which will be carrying it. Apart from the PES University, four other institutes – SKR Engineering College, Chennai; Sona College of Technology, Salem; Veltech University, Chennai and Nehru College of Engineering, Thrissur – have helped in the programme. Also, the designers were assisted by the Insitute of Engineers. –  Courtesy


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