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HRD ministry rolls back UGC regulations 2016 on increased teaching hours

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The Economic Times | By ET Bureau | 26 May, 2016 |

NEW DELHI: Amid protests by the teaching community over increased work hours brought in by the UGC recently, the Smriti Irani led Human Resource Development ministry today stepped in to roll back the move and direct the UGC to amend the relevant regulations immediately.  “There will be no increase in the workload of teachers, after the amendments, in comparison with the workload prescribed earlier”, a ministry statement issued on Thursday evening said.  UGC guidelines notified earlier this month had sparked protests by teachers association as they increased teaching work hours by two hours for each category prescribing that an assistant professor teach 18 hours a week instead pf 16 hours, an associate professor’s teaching requirement was increased from 14 to 16 hours. With the ministry’s intervention today, the direct teaching-learning hours for teachers will once again revert to the older format – Assistant Professors (16 hours) and Associate Professors/Professors (14 hours).

The HRD ministry said in a statement that it has issued a direction to the UGC, under Section 20(1) of the UGC Act, 1956, to undertake amendments in the Regulation- UGC (Minimum Qualifications for appointment of teachers and other academic staff in universities and colleges and measures for the maintenance of standards in higher education ) Regulations, 2010.  The amendments to be effected following the ministry’s directions will ensure that the workload ‘remains unchanged’ at be ‘not less than 40 hours a week for 180 teaching days’.  “The direct teaching-learning hours to be devoted by Assistant Professors (16 hours) and Associate Professors/Professors (14 hours) too will remain unchanged, as a consequence of the direction from the MHRD and subsequent notification by the UGC.”, the HRD ministry said in a statement.

Agreeing largely with the issues raised by the teaching community which was protesting the UGC regulations, the ministry has further added that while a teacher’s work may entail more “mentoring, guiding and counselling students” beyond the structure of classroom teaching, there can be “no prescribed hours for such efforts, measured either in weeks or months”. The ministry has also said that these contributions though they will not be included in the calculation of the API scores, these are nevertheless important and significant activities that could be carried out by teachers.  Teachers were required to allocate 6 additional hours per week, beyond the direct teaching-learning hours, on research. These hours can now be also utilized for tutorials/remedial classes/seminars/administrative responsibilities/ innovation and updating of course contents, the ministry added.-  Courtesy           :           MHRD Circular – Ministry of HRD directs UGC to amend regulations regarding workload of teachers


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