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MITK students design three-wheeler steering column drive vehicle

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Daijiworld Media Network-Udupi (HB)Sunday, June 12, 2016 |

Udupi, Jun 12: A team of budding engineers of Moodlakattte Institute of Technology has designed a three-wheeler steering column drive vehicle.  In one sight, the tricycle looks very simple, but it has some special features. Normally, tricycle runs through mechanism. This wheel chair used for physically challenged and uses hand drive or propulsion or foot pedal propulsion. The objective is to review the existing product, evaluate it for functional as well as value added features.


This is a single seated three wheeler vehicle with front wheels being steered by the steering column. The steering column has the outer tube which is hinged at the base and the other side extension of the steering column is pulling and pushing the cranking mechanism of the rear wheel. The internal rod of the steering column is hinged to the link mechanism to the front wheel to steer the wheel as the steering handle is being rotated which is held at the top side of the steering column. The entire frame is made of mild steel square tube.

Tricycle designed for:

It can be used by the physically challenged for the normal transport and even for the self-employed handicap persons for their daily livelihood. It is best useful for the small city drive for anybody including physically challenged. Individuals who have lower extremity weakness, paralysis, or amputation making walking unsafe or difficult, patients, can use this propulsion which is easy to operate and will not require more effort. This is cost effective product, portable unit, light weight and easily carried or shifted cycle.

How it works:

There is a rim brake in which friction pads are compressed against the wheel rims, hand operated brake lever, force is applied to brake levers mounted on the steering wheel, and transmitted via Bowden cables, which apply pressure to the braking surface, causing friction which slows the bicycle down.  To fabricate the power generation method during the wheel rotations by using generator and charging the battery which can be used for horn, head light and also mobile charging. Puneet Vinod Nevagi said, “The team spent their week-end to designing this model for about two to three months. They also plan to do improvisation for specific requirement”.  The guidance provided by Asst Prof Krishna Prasad HOD, N Jayaram Rao Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mohandas Bhat, principal of the college were present. As this project is totally human powered vehicle there will be no pollution. With its multipurpose uses, there can be a booming demand for it in the near future. The use of this concept will facilitate the physically challenged in easy travelling within the cities if there is an improvement in the propulsion technology so that the vehicle can have easy drive in hilly region. he team which designed this consisted of Mallikarjun, Mayur and Swathi K S.  –  Courtesy

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