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Super 30 engineers another feat: 28 set for IIT

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13 June 2016 |  Prameya News7  |

Patna: Super 30 founder Anand Kumar, after comparing the marks of his students with the cut-off, was sure on Sunday that his 28 students have qualified for admission to prestigious IITs. Expressing his great happiness, he hoped that the remaining two students of his institute would also get admission to good engineering colleges.  For Super 30, such results are not something new. The success rate of this boarding-cum-coaching institute, which coaches only 30 students from economically weaker section for cracking the IIT entrance test every year, has always been high. On some occasions, all its 30 students have been successful. One of the students, Basant Kumar was overwhelmed with joy after seeing the cut-off. Son of an illiterate marginal farmer from Gaya, when he called his parents to tell them the news, they could not differentiate between IIT and ITI but were happy their son had succeeded in what he was doing.  Another student Pushkar Kumar, son of a private schoolteacher, said, “My father earns around Rs 8,000 a month, but that is enough to provide proper treatment to my mother who is suffering from serious knee problem. Now, they will have to wait a little more as I will get a job after completing engineering and help my father economically.”

Just like Basant and Pushkar, for Masaurhi native Ajit Kumar too, it was the most fortunate day of his life. Son of a vegetable vendor, Ajit gave all the credit to his mentor Anand for changing his life. “Anand sir was a big inspiration for all of us. Apart from teaching us, he also used to motivate us and developed confidence in us.” Anand himself said, “The first thing on which I focus is to remove their feeling that they are poor and have not studied in good schools. Through PowerPoint presentation, I tell them the story of a rich boy and a poor boy, and how the poor one excels in his life in spite of all the hardship.” Another Super 30 student Bipin Kumar said, “After Class 10, I felt like discontinuing my studies, as my family could not afford it. My father was unemployed and my mother was a private schoolteacher. Thinking of IIT was just out of question.” There were many others like him from a humble background. If one was the son of a daily wage labourer, another was the son of a private security guard or a jobless person. They all had unique stories of overcoming odds to narrate to crack JEE (advance). And for them, the media presence since morning only made them feel its importance for the first time.  Anand said the results were due to students’ hard work and sincerity. “I would have been happier had all the 30 students made it… I wish all the success to those who have not been able to make it. They will certainly excel in their chosen fields,” he added, thanking the entire Super 30 team and his family members.  Former DGP Abhayanad also expressed his happiness over the success of his students from various institutes, known as Abhayanand Super 30. Altogether 271 of his students have qualified this year, out of which 45 were from Rahmani Super 30, an institute meant specially for minority students. Rahul Kumar of IIT’ans Tapasya secured AIR 2121 and OBC rank 325. His father is a labourer. –  Courtesy


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