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Students log into virtual classrooms

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The Times of India | Yesha Bhatt | Jun 17, 2016 |

Are you wanting to do a course in Food and Nutrition, or learn Spanish but you have failed to do so due to various personal and professional issues? Most of the times we settle with whatever we have already learnt. But thanks to the digital world, we can now add more to our knowledge from the comforts of our homes. There are many online sites and colleges that provide free online education. Most of these universities provide a certificate at the end of the course if the exams are cleared by the student. Interestingly, closer home, the University Grants Commission (UGC) will now roll out 500 online courses in science subjects. Many Amdavadis are now looking at virtual classrooms with much interest and enthusiasm.

 If you don’t enjoy reading a book, then you can either turn to audio books or videos. “I started learning Spanish about a year ago though due to my studies and exam I cannot learn the language every day. The thing about an online course is an element of flexibility. This course also have assignments which helps me to take tests of whatever I have learnt,” says Darshan Bhatt, an MBBS student who wants to learn Spanish so that his travels can become easier.
 Himali Doshi, a voluntary teacher for a peace program of a non-profit organisation has been teaching a student in Afghanistan sitting at home. “I started teaching a girl in Kabul nine months back through the in-built video conferencing program. I teach English and it is a voluntary service. My teacher introduced me to this program and I felt it is a great medium to bridge the gap between two nations. Not just English, we have stimulating sessions on varied topics like food, culture, Bollywood, music and much more. It is like a cultural exchange program at the comfort of home.” Premier universities in India, USA and UK provide various online courses for free. And the courses vary from topics like Roman architecture, The global financial crisis; the choices are endless.These courses most of the times are not deep when it comes to learning. Some of the ivy league institutes also offer online open school days where the students can refer videos for free on specific topics. These open days are just two days a year but the videos can be referred all through the year.  –  Courtesy

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