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Aadhaar must for students to get scholarship: UGC

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If you are eligible for any type of scholarship or fellowship, then you need to obtain an aadhaar card as soon as possible. Reason? You won’t get the benefits of scholarship/fellowship without a card. In a letter addressed to vice-chancellors of universities across the country, UGC secretary Jaspal S Sandhu said, “Ministry of human resource development has instructed University Grants Commission that from the financial year 2016-17 onwards aadhaar card has been made mandatory for disbursement of all government subsidies/scholarships/fellowships which are to be disbursed directly into the beneficiaries’ account.”

Citing this directive, UGC asked the universities that they may seek the details of the beneficiaries and put all information on universities/institutions’ website and email a copy of the same immediately to the commission. In case some of the beneficiaries do not have aadhaar cards they may be instructed to get themselves enrolled immediately in the regional offices of Unique Identification Authority of India, government of India for obtaining the same. Sandhu said, “I reiterate that aadhaar has been made mandatory from this financial year (2016-17) onwards for disbursement of scholarships/fellowships and to prevent any hardship to the fellows/scholars, it would be appropriate that immediate action is taken by the university/institution and the affiliated colleges so that the data is made available to UGC to allow seamless flow of scholarships/fellowships to beneficiaries.”.

Published on 29/06/2016  – UGC Letter reg .: Aadhaar has been mandatory for disbursement of all Government subsidies/Scholarships/Fellowships which are to be disbursed directly into the beneficiaries’ account.


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