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Bangalore city students top contest with paperless ticket machine idea

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First prize winners Anjana Achar, Ashwini M, Divya KP and Sunaina Rashmi from BMS

First prize winners Anjana Achar, Ashwini M, Divya KP and Sunaina Rashmi from BMS

A project on ‘e-ticket for transport system’ by a city college team has won an Innovative Idea Contest held to tap the creative potential of engineering students. The team from BMS Engineering College emerged winners in the competition, which called for ideas in the form of A3 posters in the five themes of green energy solutions, water, sanitation and public hygiene, employment generation and education, healthcare and welfare of fellow citizens.  The competition — held by the Bengaluru professional chapter of Engineers Without Borders (EWB), a voluntary network of scientists and engineers that works to bring technological solutions to the underprivileged — received entries from 15 teams from Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Telangana.

A winning team — Anjana Achar, Ashwini M, Divya KP and Sunaina Rashmi — came up with the idea of a smart card and smartphone-based system that does away with paper ticket.  The students put forth an idea wherein a scanner held by the bus conductors will identify the smart card and send the ticket to the passenger through an SMS. They also proposed an additional option of having tickets printed for those passengers who didn’t have a smart card or phone. The students set the estimated cost of the demo unit at Rs 10,000. The second prize in the contest was awarded to students from Sambhram Institute of Technology, Bengaluru, who put forward an idea for ‘traffic control based on vehicle density’. The team —Charan, Harshavardhana, Praveen, Sahana, Rajarajeshwari and Suhashini — from the department of electronics and communication engineering talked about sensors placed at specific distances from signal poles that can provide real-time data on vehicle density.  The third position was bagged by students from Dheerajlal Gandhi College of Technology, Salem. All winners would be supported by EWB-B in converting their ideas to prototypes. –  Courtesy

Engineers Without Borders (EWB) – India


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