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GTU to launch country’s largest Student Start-up literacy program

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Examwatch | 31 july 2016 | |

Country’s largest student start up programme will soon be launched by Gujarat Technological University. The programme will be launched on August 15 this year. This will be launched through a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). The name of the programme is “Six ways : Introduction to student start-ups”.  The main idea behind this programme is that students will get a platform to interact with International students. With this programme, Indian students will also be able to see how the International students are using their knowledge to create a technological innovation and trying to come up with new things. This will help them in coming up with new ideas that can actually be implemented in a start-up. The commencement address for this programme will be given by the co- founder of Infosys Kris Gopalakrishnan. It has been also said that annually around 15,000 students will be benefitted from this scheme. The programme will help in creating awareness among the students with respect to the technological innovations taking place across the country. All those innovations will be focused on startups only that will help the students in getting to the details of the project and understanding the same. With this programme, the students will not become job takers, but they will become job givers and they will help in the growth and development of the country. At the college level, there is no awareness among the students when it comes to the knowledge of startups. All those students who are working on a project in their final year will actually get a chance to convert that project into a start-up.

Vice Chancellor of GTU, Dr. Rajul Gajjar said, “This would rejuvenate the Yuva Shakti in the state and each of them would play a pivotal role towards Gatisheel Gujarat.” He also added that, recently, AICTE took notice of GTU startup efforts and is trying to scale such initiatives across the country. The Director of GTU Innovation Council, Hiranmay Mahanta said, “One of the key objectives of this programme is to see entrepreneurship training/exposure as an alternative vehicle for skill development. Even if students try hands on and fail in their college days, it will equip them with modern skill sets which the academic environment does not teach.” “In a country with more than 5 million students across more than 700 universities, a democratisation of the startup movement is of the utmost importance. They wish to integrate the incubation value chain right back to the university systems so that more and more students would get a chance to take risks at the ages of 20 and 21,” he added. –  Courtesy


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