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‘Techie bros’ (Usama Shihabudheen and Jyothis Joy) set to tweet startup-launch

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The New Indian Express |  By K C Arun  |  04th September 2016 |

THRISSUR: A few years ago, Usama Shihabudheen from Kayamkulam and Jyothis Joy from Perumbavoor had entrepreneurial dreams.  They frequented startup meets one after another. They met through a tweet and its reply in one of these programmes. Now they are going to inaugurate their own company through Twitter. In 2013 Usama, a Plus-Two dropout, and Jyothis, an engineering student attended a bar camp conducted in Cusat, Kochi, but they did not meet. Their meeting happened accidently in the next bar camp conducted in 2014 at Amrita Institute in Kollam. “The sessions in the camp  bored me. The girls in the front rows were answering questions of section conductors as in a classroom. I tweet a comment about this,” Jyothis remembers. Usama replied to that comment.   “We first met in tweets,” Jyothis added. After two years, the relation between Usama and Jyothis has grown and on September 4, at  another bar camp in Techno-lodge in Muvattupuzha, these two ‘techie bros’ are going to  launch their startup, Teezonic Digital Makers, officially by tweeting. “We met in a bar camp, we grow through the bar camps, our company is going to be launched in next bar camp,” said Usama.

 On September 4, 11 am, any one from around the world can enter into http://www.  teezonic.com launch  and click a button on it; a window will open with a message “I inaugurate Teezonic digital makers.” When one tweets this into his/her own twitter he/she is also part of the digital launching of Teezonic. Usama and Jyothis are doing this for making awareness about digital marketing and digital launching.  Teezonic is a digital marking company grown from nothing. “It started as an absolute zero investment company,” Jyothis said. A few months after the 2013 bar camp, Usama called Jyothis and suggested the idea of website development startup. At that time, Jyothis had a startup in association with class and college mates. But its growth was stuck in between the studies and working of startup. So its future was bleak. Jyothis identified it and joined hands with Usama: Teezonic was born. Usama became CEO- Business and Marketing and Jyothis became CTO-Tech and Web.

One day, Usama and Jyothis were talking in Teezol Technologies, a computer and hardware sales shop run by Usama at Kayamkulam, Usama asked if they could conduct a bar camp. Jyothis said yes. Bar camp 2015 was conducted in July at SCMS Kochi successfully with the help of friends. “From this we identified the chemistry between us,” Jyothis said.  After having decided to launch a startup on  January 1, 2015, Jyothis began working for it from  hostel when he was studying Electronics and Communication engineering at College of Engineering, Chengannur. Usama  worked for it from Kayamkulam. Although they are about  to launch their company, they have more than 30 clients and 50 projects. They will invest all the money received in this period  to go to the next level of their dream. They have developed a web development company into a digital making company. Now they are doing works in digital marketing, creative agency and branding and logo design.  –  Courtesy      /        http://teezonic.com

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