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Edureka – One of the most effective Ed-Tech portals with live instructor-led classrooms online

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Business Insider India | Anushree Singh | Oct 6, 2016  |

Instructor-led live online courses with 24×7 on demand support

Who would have really thought that an education company which started off from a soccer field of an engineering college in Ghaziabad will become one of the most effective Ed-Tech portals bringing the concept of live classrooms online.  Edureka’s journey so far has been a rather unique one. Founded by two ex-Infosysians and IIT alumni – Lovleen Bhatia and Kapil Tyagi – in 2012, this live instructor-led online education company is extremely different from the free and pre-recorded videos of MOOCs. Here, you will get 24×7 experts help support and free access to upgraded content for lifetime.  In 3 years, the 1.5 cr-bootstrapped firm has developed into a 30-cr company generating a 2768% revenue. It is offering online courses for not only mid and senior level professionals, organizations but also freshers in the tech and business domains.

Unlike a video based pre-recorded course, Edureka claims it has interactive online classes, where you can interact with the instructor and get your doubts cleared immediately. That means that any time you are stuck with something, help is always around. The class comprises multiple people from across the world and a subject matter expert who is an instructor.  With over 85 live courses on big data, cloud computing, languages, mobile development, among others, Edureka is also doing what competitors are aiming for – helping professionals improve their skills with industry-relevant insights targeted at supporting career growth.  This model has enabled Edureka to register 30% & 20% MoM growth in India and overseas markets respectively and reach break-even in the second year itself.  Competitors, watch out! This one is here to stay. –  Courtesy

Click here to visit  :  http://www.edureka.co/


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