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Bulk hiring decreases by 40% at engineering campus placements

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The Times of India | Ranjani Ayyar | TNN | Oct 25, 2016 |

CHENNAI: In what seems like a sequel to the downtourn in the IT industry, hiring by software service companies dropped by a 40% in engineering campuses across Tamil Nadu this year. Over 30,000 students have been placed across campuses in the state and while the overall number is almost the same as last year, it is the super dream (pay package of over Rs 20 lakhs per annum) and dream companies (pay package of over Rs 10 lakh pa) including startups and core engineering companies that have hired in large numbers.  “It is too early to comment. More companies will visit campuses in the next 6 months and we have a positive outlook on placements as of now,” said K Purushottaman, senior director, Nasscom.  Earlier this year, industry body Nasscom had estimated a 20% drop in IT hiring (for the first time since 2009) with companies resorting to automation of entry-level coding jobs and look at optimizing their bench strength. True to Nasscom’s guidance, campuses across the state have seen restrained hiring from biggies like Wipro, TCS, Cognizant and Infosys who hired in few hundreds against the usual thousands of hires.

“It’s the cyclical nature of the industry along with Brexit and US elections that has brought a period of uncertainty for large IT companies,” said Sriram Padmanabhan, director career services, SRM University where about 50% students have been placed as of now. Bulk hiring was down 30-40% at SRM University.  Wipro was the only recruiter to offer roles focussed on ‘digital’ in select campuses including VIT. Over 125 students at VIT who underwent a separate coding test and a tougher technical interview, bagged offers of Rs 6 lakh pa, almost double the offer made by IT service companies otherwise. After 2015’s fiasco with hiring by startups like Flipkart and Stayzilla, who offered jobs, but didnt honor those offers, engineering campuses are wary this year, undertaking a due diligence before letting them participate in the placements.   There was an increase in the number of core engineering companies. SRM saw companies like Elgi Equipments, Seimens and Tata Technologies while VIT had Maruti Suzuki, Continental Automotive, Hyundai, Mahindra & Mahindra coming in. Sastra University has seen 1390 offers from 47 companies so far. “As of now, placement percentage is 75% and will reach highers 90s by April,” said Vaidhya Subramanian, dean, planning and development, SASTRA University.   –   Courtesy

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