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GIT student Parth Sabnis designs smart PDG watch for Swiss firm

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The Times of India | TNN |  Oct 29, 2016 |

BELAGAVI: Parth Sabnis, an electrical and electronics engineering student of KLS Gogte Institute of Technology (GIT) who designed the smart PDG watch for Switzerland-based Luxius M’iWatch, will represent the brand at the annual GPHG Awards event at Geneva on November 10.  Parth Sabnis, 22, is thrilled by the appreciation he’s been getting.  “The company specialises in simple yet sophisticated designs. It was a challenging task as watch design was a new domain for me. I considered it an opportunity when I got the assignment,” Parth told TOI.  Parth, who is from Mumbai, said initially it was a challenge to identify the appropriate tool for the design. After some research, he decided to use Autodesk Maya software due to its sheer versatility. After discussions with several clients, he decided to go for a traditional design that incorporates modern technology. The objective was to offer something more than usual ensemble of high-end watches.

Smart PDG Watch features a digital face that would run on Android Wear OS along with a fully hand-crafted analog dial. Parth said the watch symbolises two things which never stop — time and news of the world. “I did not realise the magnitude of the project until I received the invitation to attend the awards function. It couldn’t have happened without the support of the college faculty. They allowed me to got Bengaluru to work on the project and resume classes later. The college authorities appreciated my effort,” he said.  The Smart PDG Watch is a hybrid watch with two interchangeable watch cases and two time zone dials. The first watch case contains a Swiss manual winding, mechanical tourbillon movement. The second case integrates a connected smart watch movement, with a digital dial face, with a notification screen streaming real-time world news at the bottom. –  Courtesy


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