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Smart India Hackathon 2017 – Be the part of India’s Digital Revolution

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Smart India Hackathon’17 – Be the part of India’s Digital Revolution

The Smart India Hackathon 2017 will aim to find digital solutions to problems in the areas of power, education, health, water, finance, agriculture, energy, urban & rural development, aviation & shipping, transport, sanitation, sports, law & justice, skill development & entrepreneurship, defence, textiles, tourism, etc. The initiative will help institutionalize a model for harnessing the creativity and skills of youth for nation-building. Some of the problem statements made public today include developing a dynamic HealthMap that can tap into online data sources to ensure rapid response to disease outbreaks such as H1N1, dengue and chikungunya through faster information flow between public health systems; a digitized platform to monitor the migration of children from one village, cluster, block, district or state to another to introduce interventions to minimize school dropouts in the middle of an academic year; a digital diagnostic tool to measure the learning abilities of students in various classes and subjects; a cost effective solution of quick disbursal of railway tickets to save time for passengers as well as plug revenue leakages in unreserved ticketing; developing efficient security algorithms, analytics tools and integrated video solutions to enhance video surveillance through voice enabled activation, switching views, alarm verification, onsite monitoring and risk management to reduce crime rates; an imaging technology to identify medicinal plants based on morphology and trace their geographical location to help practitioners of AYUSH system; and, a web-based application to pool data on all drug manufacturing units to validate their authentic GMP, ISO and other certifications, quality of drugs manufactured, inventory and rate of preparation of classical and patent-proprietary medicines. The full list of problem statements is available online on Smart Hackathon 2017 website. –   http://www.i4c.co.in/smartIndiaHackathon2017

AICTE – Smart India Hackathon’17 Advertisement

Smart India Hackathon’17 Student Participation.

Smart India Hackathon’17 Institute Participation

Nomination form for Nodal Center

Roles and Responsibilities of Nodal Centre

AICTE – Instructions for Smart India Hackathon 2017 participants


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