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MSc admission for B.Tech engineering graduates opens at SPPU

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The Times of India | TNN | Dec 1, 2016 |   MSc admission for engineering graduates opens  |

PUNE: Engineering students at Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) can now take admission for master’s degree in science (MSc).  The varsity took the decision on Tuesday at the academic council meeting as engineering students showed an interest in biotechnology and environment science among other branches offered by science stream. SPPU officials also said that several engineering students remain jobless even after acquiring a degree and they could take advantage of the new scheme.  Earlier, engineering students could pursue a post-graduation course only in branches affiliated to the engineering field. However, with the decision taken by the academic council, students can now opt for a course in science. According to trends over the past decade, a majority of students took admission to engineering courses rather than science, arts, commerce and medicine. However, after graduation, very few succeeded in getting jobs. Further, despite an interest in pursuing a post-graduation course in science, many students were unable to do so.

 “The decision was taken considering the demand from students. The University Grants Commission had also announced that engineering and science would be considered under one faculty so it was possible to offer the option. The academic council has given the nod and the change will come into effect from next academic year (2017-18),” vice-chancellor WN Gade said. Gade added that the change will also ensure that students do not suffer academic loss like many who want to study further after engineering graduation. Besides, special candidates have also been allowed to work in regular schools from now onwards. Previously, special candidates who completed a degree in education would work on in special schools. “However, we have lifted the restriction and allowed them to teach in regular schools as well,” said Gade.  Director of College of Engineering, Pune B B Ahuja said, “Everything is multidisciplinary these days and engineering has emerged from basic sciences. During the graduation course we aren’t able to cover adequate science topics. We do introduce students to basic science but it is engineering all the way afterwards. So, in a way, it is a good move but students should be allowed only for MSc Tech courses as the option of pure science may not be right.” –  Courtesy

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