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Calicut University bypasses UGC norms, adopts research regulations

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The Times of India | TNN | Dec 13, 2016 |   Uty bypasses UGC norms, adopts research regulations  |

Kozhikode: The Academic Council of the Calicut University on Tuesday issued new research regulations by making significant modifications to the minimum standards and procedures laid out by the UGC earlier this year, which are to be adhered to by all the varsities in the country.  Though the varsity had framed research regulations as part of implementing the UGC guidelines (Minimum standards and procedures for award of MPhil/ PhD degrees) 2016, it has made significant departures from the mandatory UGC norms, especially with regard to eligibility criteria for admission to PhD programmes, exemptions from the entrance test for certain sections and allocation of research guides, among others.  The varsity has chosen to follow its existing research regulations passed in 2012 in those areas, arguably to cater to the interests of college teachers, school teachers and other sections aspiring to enrol for PhD programmes.

The major changes made by the varsity to the UGC research regulations include exempting teachers of university departments and government and aided colleges and teachers with FDP/QIP along with foreign nationals from entrance test, when the UGC had stated that all applicants had to appear for the entrance exam.  More importantly, the varsity has allowed teachers of colleges which have not been recognised as research centres to take up the role of research supervisors at a nearby research centre of the varsity. This is when then UGC had clearly stated that only a full-time regular teacher of the concerned university/institution deemed to be a university/college can act as a supervisor and that external supervisors are not to be allowed.  Also, the varsity has reduced the minimum marks to be scored in master’s degree by SC/ST candidates for admission to PhD programmes to 45 per cent while the UGC had set the minimum eligibility for SC/ST students at 50 per cent.  Syndicate member Fathimathu Zuhara said that the varsity has tried to implement the UGC regulations as much as possible but has to make some `minor modifications’ considering the special requirements faced by the varsity and to avoid difficulties that may arise while implementing the new regulations. Many members who took part in the discussion at the academic council said that watering down the UGC research regulations would lead to problems later on and would invite charges of non- compliance with the mandatory UGC regulations, which are to be implemented by the varsities in toto. –  Courtesy


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