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Anna University to introduce CBCS in its affiliated colleges

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The Times of India | Dec 22, 2016 |

Coimbatore: After successfully implementing the choice-based credit system (CBCS) in four campuses, Anna University is likely to introduce the system in its affiliated colleges from 2017-18. The university has drafted the syllabus for all courses and if it gets a vice-chancellor by February 2017, then the system is most likely to be introduced as per schedule, officials said.  In 2014, Anna University introduced CBCS in its four campuses. Following a University Grants Commission (UGC) order, the university had implemented CBCS in autonomous colleges as well. “We had also sought a status report from all the autonomous colleges on implementation of CBCS. All of them are following it,” a senior official of the university said. “Having seen the successful implementation of CBCS in our four colleges and autonomous colleges, we initiated the process of introducing CBCS in affiliated colleges in July this year,” the official said.  Until Wednesday, the university had held 49 syllabus sub-committee meetings. “We had invited 20-25 members for every meeting and they included subject experts, alumni, industry experts and members of the university administration. We will now present the reports of the meeting in a series of eight Board of Studies meetings that will likely be held in the end of January of February,” said an official.

 A final report will be drafted and presented in the academic council meeting for approval. “This will have to happen in March or April. But, this can be approved only if the new vice-chancellor is appointed,” said the official.  However, professors in affiliated colleges are concerned about faculty strength. In CBCS, a student is allowed to choose subjects of his choice, but for the core subjects. “Students might select subjects being offered in another college. It will not be practical for colleges to send students to multiple colleges. At the same time, faculty shortage is also a concern,” said a professor of Anna University. “But for the top 20-25 affiliated colleges, others might find it difficult to introduce CBCS,” the professor said. The dean of planning and development, SASTRA University, S Vaidhyasubramaniam said, “Implementation of CBCS depends on the availability of faculty resources. It is easy to build a credit system but it is challenging to provide choice at a large-scale. However, the advent of MOOCs (massive open online courses) can mitigate this in an affiliating system,” he said.  Anna University has drafted the syllabus for the subjects offered in the first year for undergraduate programmes, and for the entire course for postgraduate programmes. There are a total of 91 courses offered by the Anna University and its affiliated colleges, of which 41 are undergraduate courses. There are nearly 500 non-autonomous affiliated colleges under Anna University. –  Courtesy

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