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Startups chip in with career tips for students : careerfutura.com

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The Times of India | Aparna Desikan | TNN | Jan 19, 2017 |

CHENNAI: Having spent 8 years in an IT company , instrumentation engineering graduate Rajiv Jhunjhunwala, wanted a career change, as he could not perform well in his current role.He had approached Career Futura, a startup that connected him with an IT industry veteran to help him find his true calling. Going beyond psychometric profiling and the conventional career counselling with psychologists and career counselers, startups provide the extra layer of matching the aspirants with people in the industry who have been there done that or provide a tech-based assessment of their future in the career including their pay and job satisfaction. most sought-after fields and students from engineering, commerce streams look to change,” said Shashank Murali, co-founder, TapChief.The startup has 5,000 listed experts from over 2,000 institutions.While experienced professionals look to change tracks, companies also handle requests from college students who pursue a particular stream but are looking to explore their other interests.

For instance, Metrology and Materials engineering student Sharvind Karthikeya, who had an interest in investment banking went on to get placed in a diametrically opposite role at JP Morgan investment banking after speaking to a person from the company , facilitated by TapChief. “I realised which points to focus on while at the interview and the mentor shared his knowledge on the technical aspects I needed to take care of,” Karthikeya said. Some companies provide an extra layer, using an analytics-based approach to career counselling or come up with as many as 12 career options. Tu Careers, for instance, goes on to predict the candidate’s job satisfaction, expected salary and even an estimate of how long they would stay in the job. The startup compares the candidate’s profile with similar designations in the field to come up with the decision. Career Futura comes up with 6 career options in the same stream, 3 recommendations in other fields and 3 other off-beat career options for a candidate.
“We assess the profile of the seekers after interacting with them and taking into account various factors, including their skills, scores in college, interests and the market for the career they wish to pursue. If the students wish, we connect them to an expert as a premium service,” said Girija Nair, co-founder, Careerfutura. “They assessed my profile, scores and came up with a measure of my capacity to change tracks. They had also put me on to an IT professional who gave inputs on my performance and the industry expectations. Later it was concluded that I was proficient in Java and Oracle”, said Jhunjhunwala.  Paytm-backed TapChief has a list of experts -senior professionals from industries including fintech, UI UX design, IT, e-commerce and investment banking, who can be consulted. A design architect from Thoughtworks or an investment banker from JP Morgan and Chase would counsel the aspirants on what working at the industry actually entails. The startup offers end-to-end solutions including resume building, personalised placement training as well as 4 sessions with industry veterans at a flat charge. Listed experts can also be consulted over a one-off call. “We find IT, Fintech and Analytics the. – Courtesy  /   http://www.careerfutura.com/


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