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IIT Roorkee students dancing to Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’ will make you marvel at their brilliance

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India . com | Vandana.Srivastawa | Published: February 16, 2017 |

The Choreography and Dance Section of IIT-Roorkee created this video for Valentine’s Day and we must say it is better than the original. …. watch video

We’ve all watched the Aamir Khan’s movie ‘3 Idiots’ and we all know the tough competition that there is in India with regards to getting admitted in a reputable Engineering College. Most Indians maintain that if you get admission in an IIT then you’re future is set. Most students are egged on to study hard and crack IIT Jee exams so that they can get into IITs and land a high paying secured job. However, there is another aspect of life in engineering colleges which is not that sunny. Engineers are known for binge watching movies and sitcoms, not bathing, ragging, drinking and doping on weed and being reckless after getting into engineering colleges. But they are usually good at whatever they choose to do since they are not cut out from the same mold as everyone else.

Proving just this notion, students of Choreography and Dance Section of IIT-Roorkee shared this video of their dance performance on Ed Sheeran’s latest hit ‘Shape of You’ on YouTube and it became massively viral. At the time of writing this article the video had garnered over 5 lac views on YouTube. Needless to say the video is impeccably choreographed and is a treat to watch. The video shows four boys trying to impress and woo a girl who later on rejects everyone and goes her own way. Irrespective of the rejection they sought out another girl and starts trying to impress her. The video was released on Valentine’s Day and spoke volumes about the need to find someone special of the opposite sex and breaking the label of ‘forever alone’ tag by engineering guys. – Courtesy   /  https://youtu.be/dTMLTCJzYGM


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