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VTU to frame rules to prevent engineering students from ‘outsourcing’ projects

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The Hindu |  Tanu Kulkarni | March 15, 2017  |

To introduce online database, plagiarism check for project reports

The Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) has decided to introduce a series of checks and balances to tackle the problem of engineering students “outsourcing” their final year projects or buying them from third parties instead of doing it themselves. Some of the measures that the VTU plans to put in place include maintaining an online database of projects, mentoring faculty members and also running a plagiarism check for project reports. This decision was taken at a meeting of university officials on Tuesday. Not only were students buying projects, but companies were actively advertising their services across all platforms, including social media. These companies market themselves to students and point out which engineering stream they cater to, said a faculty member, and added that some students also rehash the projects of their seniors. Project consultancy firms are a “thriving” industry, with some projects commanding as much as ₹20,000. “The aim of the project is that students learn. This is also one way of encouraging hands-on practice and improving employability of our graduates,” said VTU Vice-Chancellor Karisiddappa. Such “shortcuts” would not benefit them in the long run, he said.

Sanjeev Kubakaddi, executive council member of the VTU, said, “As students are buying projects, there is no learning that is taking place, and when they graduate they do not have the courage to operate the instrument. We will soon come up with a set of strong guidelines to tackle this problem.” Engineering students are mandated to submit their project in their final year which is for 100 marks. Students are allowed to do this in groups of three or four and will have to face a viva once they submit the projects. Vice-Chancellor of PES University K.N. Balasubramanya Murthy said the onus was on faculty members and institutes to ensure that students were making the projects on their own. “We have five rounds of evaluation and our faculty members are constantly in touch with students and monitoring their progress on a weekly basis,” he said. –  Courtesy


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