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Self-learning takes study out of classroom at IIT-Gandhinagar

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The Times of India | TNN | May 7, 2017 |

AHMEDABAD: Ensuring full attendance in classroom is sometimes a challenge. A solution could lie in the innovative initiative called the ‘Self-Learning Mode’ (SLM), launched by the Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar, (IIT-Gn). It is gaining traction among an expanding group of students. At the institute, students can either choose the conventional means of learning, by attending classes regularly or exploring the self-learning method without having to attend classes. In the latter case, they are evaluated based on their performance in the final exam alone. The implementation of the SLM is at the discretion of instructors of various courses.  IIT-Gn is the only IIT in the country to introduce the SLM. Although the programme has been in operation for five years, more instructors have been offering the option over the past couple of years. Professor Chelva Kumar from California, who is a visiting faculty member at IIT-Gn, said, “The SLM policy takes into account the interests of students who prefer to learn without faculty guidance.” Kumar went on to say: “This semester, I decided to implement the SLM in the two courses I am teaching. The attendance of students in class has significantly improved compared to the previous years, when SLM was not implemented.”

Professor Shanmuganathan Raman who regularly offers the SLM for his courses said, “Irregularity in attendance of some students disturbs the momentum of the entire class. Because of this, I tried implementing the SLM policy for some of my courses.” This has resulted in drawing only those students who are interested in the lectures, he said. “Other students, who choose the SLM, can decide not to attend lectures; yet they effectively get into the university mode of evaluation.” IIT-Gn director Professor Sudhir K Jain said, “At IIT-Gn, we treat our students as responsible young adults and respect their rights and opinions.” Jain said the institute makes continuous effort to provide students with top facilities and opportunities. “But if some students believe that they could learn better outside the classroom, we try to offer them that choice as well,” he said. –  Courtesy   /     Read More……

Self-Learning Mode: Another Way to Help Our Students Realize Their Fullest Potential


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