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UGC’s latest clarification clears the road for extension of principals’ lien

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The Times of India | Sarfaraz Ahmed | TNN |  May 24, 2017 |

NAGPUR: In a welcome development for many principals, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has notified that those who were appointed on a tenure post can now continue in the same post in case there is still time for their retirement. Generally, many professors opt for lien — a five-year deputation to another institution while still retaining employment with the parent institution — to serve as principals in other institutions. Most professors would do this at the fag end of their careers, so that they would reach superannuation while serving as principal and wouldn’t have to go back to their parent institution on a lower post. With the new development, the professors serving as principals in other institutions have the option to keep serving on the same post, without having to compulsarily go back to their parent institution to work there until retirement.  However, to get the lien, the professor first has to get an NOC from his or her parent institution.

In its letter dated May 17, the UGC stated, “In case of appointment of a principal which is a tenure post, the incumbent shall, if s/he so desires, be allowed to retain lien in his/her parent college/university as per state/central government rules.”  The teaching community gave a mixed response on the UGC clarification, with some welcoming the move while others sounding skeptical.  A principal, who had to return to the parent institution, said, “Ultimately, it depends on the management. If the management believes an individual is indispensable, then it may not allow lien extension and won’t issue an NOC.” Another principal said lien is the right of an individual. “Since there was no clarity on extension to the tenure post, many eligible candidates used to stay away from moving out of the parent institution. It was a point of no return for those having enough service period left. Also, in the old system, teachers were at the mercy of managements to get lien sanctioned.”Welcoming the decision, principal of Dharampeth Science College Akhilesh Peshwe said at the same time, appointment on lien vacancy should be made easier and faster. He added that the scope of the UGC clarification can be widened and not restricted to a specific post. “This should be a rule for any tenure post not just the principal’s post” he said. Vice-principal of Mohta Science College, Rina Saha, said that though the move is beneficial for individuals, institutions are at a loss. “After a couple of cases, our college decided not to give NOC. If teachers want to go for better prospects, they will have to resign, it was decided. What happens is when teachers opt for lien, the institution can’t appoint a replacement. Besides, it takes a long time to clear the roster and go for fresh appointments. The Nagpur University has published recruitment notice and many teachers are vying for the posts. In this case too, their institutions will suffer.”  – Courtesy    /       Click here to View / Download – UGC Circular :  Published on 18/05/2017 :  UGC Notice: Clarification regarding appointment of Principals under UGC Regulations on Minimum Qualifications for Appointment of Teachers and other Academic Staff in Universities and Colleges


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