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Do you know Karnataka CET toppers’ success mantra? No smart phones, No Social media

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Is there one mantra that can help you crack CET, one of the toughest entrance tests? If you ask the toppers this year, there is one.

Sure there is hard work, but more than that is this – stay away from mobile phones and social media. At least half a dozen students, who topped the engineering, architecture and other streams, say they were either forced by their parents to or had voluntarily given up gizmos. Anirudh S, a topper, got a gift after his exams. His parents got him a smartphone. He tells Bangalore Mirror, he has some catching up to do with using this gadget. Prathik S Nayak, who scored rank one in engineering and pharma streams says it was a good idea for him to stay away from social media. “I was tempted to use a phone in the beginning, but my father being thea strict disciplinarian that he is would ensure that I did not have a mobile phone.” His father Shrikant Nayak believes the discipline has paid off. “I strongly believed that my son should stay away with the internet. Even if he needed it for academic purpose, I would ensure that I stayed as a firewall near him and today the fruits are for everyone to see. I believe that till one attains the age of 18, s/he should not have access to phone. I am happy that my son too understood the issue and did away with his phone. Today, I can proudly say that his rank speaks for him.”

Rakshitha Ramesh, who secured rank one in Homeopathy, BSc. Agriculture and rank two in Veterinary Science entrance tests, gave up these needs herself. “I felt being on the social media would distract me and thought it would be like an addiction, so I developed a disinterest towards them,” she says. Her mother Archana appreciates this sacrifice. “As my daughter didn’t use social media or internet on phone, she could utilise all her time on the studies.”
Siddartha CV, who secured the fifth rank in the engineering cateogry has another story. He needed a phone to stay in touch with his parents from his residential coaching centre. So his parents devised a plan– he was given a basic phone so it can only be used to make calls. Siddaratha says he was a bit out of place in the beginning as all his peers had swanky phones. “But my basic phone surely helped me,” he says. Anirudh, who got the third rank in Engineering and rank 5 in B.Pharma/D.Pharma has an interesting story. He only had the basic phone till all his exams were over. “I had no access to social media at all. Now that I have a smartphone, I am struggling to click selfies and all,” he says.

Dhruv Sriram has got the third rank in B.Pharma/D.Pharma. He too says he stayed away from social media for two years. “Though I was using a phone, social media was a strict no for me,” he says. Victor Thomas T, first rank-holder in B. Veterinary Sciences says he had social media accounts right from when he was in Class VIII, but he deactivated them in 1st PU because it was difficult for him to focus on my studies. “Social media really makes it hard to focus on studies as random things keep popping up in our heads,” he says. The third-rank holder in B. Veterinary Sciences, Bharath Kumar stayed away even from his WhatsApp account.  Counsellor Anil Iyer says these children topping CET is no wonder. “Social media and phones are a type of behavioural addictions. Many adolescents have the ability to overcome these addictions by themselves, but some require social support. Parents or closed ones should help become aware of their wards’ behaviour and support them adequately. These students reached greater heights on their own efforts. It shows their strength in knowing themselves and having a better ability in channelising their thoughts towards priorities. – Courtesy


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