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Junkminds.com designs an innovative test to help students choose the right engineering stream

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Business Standard | ANI  |  New Delhi | India]  June 2, 2017 |

Students aspiring to take up engineering as a career can now clearly select their stream of engineering, based on their aptitude. Junkminds.com, an e-learning portal developed by Khateeb Engineering Classes has designed a  comprehensive online test called ‘Suggest My Branch’, which is directed at helping students take a decision about the engineering branch that is best suited for them.  The test is designed in such a way that it tries to gauge the analytical capability as well as logic and reasoning of the student before advising a branch to them. This is the first and the only test in India which evaluates the results of students after testing the basic educational skills and inclination towards engineering branches like Computer Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering etc. It is an online multiple choice based test where students need to answer 60 questions in 120 minutes. The outcome of the test is then customized for every student which helps them in making the right choice for studies and career. “With the growth of the education system in India, the field of engineering has become more and more competitive. With years of experience in the field of education, we have seen a number of students who regret choosing a particular stream of engineering studies. This is the real problem why we have a huge quantity but not good quality of engineers coming out of colleges. The biggest dilemma any student faces is selection of branch and many a times they end up choosing branches under peer pressure. That’s precisely we thought of giving a helping hand to students in the initial stages and designed this test. We are confident that this will be a game changer in the field of engineering studies.” said Junaid Khateeb, founder and CEO of Khateeb Engineering Classes.

Defined as Cool, Smart and Systematic, Junkminds gives freedom to a student from hunting for university specific course content. The platform is focused on making things simple and easy by reflecting only relevant content and keeping students away from anything that may lead to confusion. Students considering engineering studies as an option can visit http://www.junkminds.com/AptitudeTest.aspx and follow the simple steps in order to take the test. The results of the test are then evaluated within 60 minutes and emailed. The assessment of this test further helps students to narrow down their thoughts in the right direction and choose the right career course for them.  Students who still wish to speak to experts and have other queries about the educational choices can write an email to support@junkminds.com. The experts from the field of education are available to help them make a choice and thus produce quality engineers from India.

How do i Go about appearing for this test?

You need to register first for the test.the steps for completing the test are  REGISTER ==> Make an online payment of 500 Rs. ==> take the test using your registration credentials ==> get your result on your registered e- mail id. – Courtesy    –  http://junkminds.com/


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