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IT companies may recruit M.Tech engineers only – T.V. Mohandas Pai

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Crazy Engineers | By Kaustubh Katdare in ‘Engineering Jobs & Career Advice’ | 07 June 2017 | Opinion |

IT veteran, former Infosys board member and CFO has a ‘shocker’ for all the graduate engineers. TV Mohandas Pai has said that in near future, IT companies might ‘cold shoulder’ engineers with BE or B.Tech degress and may recruit only those with post-graduate degree. He advised all the engineering students that they should do specialisation, learn coding on their own and may consider taking extra classes to learn it. He reasoned that Indian IT companies are likely to hire engineers on the basis of their coding knowledge. Pai believes that the regular practice of hiring engineering graduates straight out of campus and then training them for several weeks before making them ‘project-ready’ will be done away with. He said that there’s no reason for the companies to invest time and efforts for the companies to train graduate engineers. Rather, they’d only hire those who have the knowledge of coding; and it’s going to be a mandatory requirement for future IT jobs.

Pai termed the non-improvement of engineering freshers salary in the recent years as ‘great tragedy’. The IT industry is not growing at a fast pace. The industry has seen a great increase in the supply of engineers but the demand hasn’t grown in equal proportion. He said that the global IT spending is expected to grow only 2% in the current year as compared to 3-4% in the past; which is bound to have an impact. Not even China can absorb close to a million engineers that India produces every year. The IT industry is expected to absorb only about 150,000 – 170,000 engineers in this year. Some of the reports indicate that the fresher salary in IT industry has grown only from 2.25 lakh per annum to 3.5 lakh in past few years. He further said that the big IT industries are taking advantage of oversupply of engineers by not talking to each other about not increasing fresher salaries. Pai rubbished the rumours of mass IT layoffs and a general slowdown in the IT industry. He referred all the reports in the media as ‘exaggerated’ because every year, about 1-2% of the bottom ( non-performers ) are shown the pink slip. We’d look forward to opinions from our fellow engineers about what Mr. Pai said. Do let us know through comments below. – Courtesy


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