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Every house in this Bihar village has an engineer, 20 clear IIT this year

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India Today | Sujeet Jha  | Nivedita Dash |  Patna, June 12, 2017 |

Though Bihar has got defamed for topper scam in the XII Board examinations, there is a village in the state which is known for the number of students who get through IIT every year. This year alone, 20 students from Patwa Toli locality in Manpur under Gaya district have qualified for IIT.


Patwa Toli village is inhabited mostly by weavers. So far, 300 students have qualified for various engineering examinations in this village of 10,000 people. This year, 20 students were successful in cracking IIT.


Social engineering in Patwa Toli started way back in 1992. Jitendra Prasad was the first student from the village to clear the IIT examination. Getting inspired by Prasad, dozens of students started getting qualified for IIT every year. During recession in the 1990s, the weavers of Patwa Toli started focusing on the education of their children. Since then, the students have been earning laurels for their village and doing proud to their elders. Jitendra Prasad left for the US for job in the year 2000. This inspired his juniors in the village to work hard and fulfil their dreams of becoming engineers. The former engineering students of Patwa Toli formed an organisation called Navprayas which helps extends help to students preparing for IIT.


For the students in this village of power looms, noise of the machines is music to their ears. The students claim that they do not get disturbed by the noise of the power looms. The noise of the power looms becomes music for them and they study amidst that sound. Just like Gautam Buddha, who meditated at Bodh Gaya for days together braving all odds, the students of Patwa Toli also surmount all hurdles to achieve success.


The villagers of Patwa Toli either work as labourers or weavers in the power looms of others to teach their children. Economic hardship has not been able to shake their morale and will power. They have remained hungry themselves but have ensured that their children’s studies did not get hampered. There is no end to their happiness after seeing the success of their children. In some cases, both parents have worked as labourers to deposit the tuition fees and meet other educational requirements of their children. They also did over time. But even if they could not meet the requirements, they borrowed money to meet the demands.  However, they are the happiest people now. – Courtesy


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