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AIB’s Video: This clip is for every engineering student who tries to get a job but fails each time

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Newsable | By Rushali Pawar | June 20, 2017  |

  • The video series focuses on an average engineering student who struggles to get a job after four years.
  • During campus placement, he is told to speak English, a requirement so elitist in nature that it disregards other skills.
  • The video’s protagonist, Average Mishra, says that he’s realised engineering is a sham and the dream of a high paying job is a bigger sham.
 All India Bakchod’s new video series is a beautiful drama on the frustration and the sheer misfortune of those who don’t get placed during campus recruitment. The three part video series lists bizarre reasons why engineering students don’t get a job no matter how hard they try. The reasons for their rejection does not indicate how qualified or not they are. Instead, they are denied a job because they didn’t pass a written test or talk in a group discussion. In the third part of the video series, Average Mishra (Neveen Polishetty), who spends all his time playing counter strike and being zoned out, basically like any other engineering student, doesn’t get through campus recruitment.

At one point, he gives up, sits on the front steps to what looks like an important building, and rues. He is beyond sad when a college mate gives him a glimmer of hope: he’s actually made it through group discussion. What follows is a series of pointless discussions, technical interview questions that don’t test a student’s skill. He manages to make it through these challenges and finally, he enters a personal interview round which is anything but personal.

Mishra is told over and over again that he needs to speak English. This requirement is so elitist that this college student loses it, argues why he’s not comfortable speaking in a language that’s not native to him, or for many others who are comfortable only speaking their mother-tongue. This average dude in a nameless, faceless engineering college in India isn’t the only one who has gone through this. Almost every engineering student has had to face logic defying questions during interviews and has had to respond them with equally confusing answers.

What AIB does skilfully in their video series is this: they take a humanistic view of the plight of engineering students, who struggle through college to land a high paying job, only to realise that the dream they were sold was a sham. This video series is really a tribute to engineering students in India. It makes them believe that a college education or job in the IT sector doesn’t determine one’s talent. The video series is also a tribute to the engineers, and engineering  drop outs at AIB, who have gone against the norm and pursued a creative career, remaining true to themselves. – Courtesy


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